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Nail art has become an obsession for many women, and I have news for you: This trend shows no signs of slowing down. Some women use it as a way to show their fashion sense, while others use it to express themselves and even to protest against some social issues. From over-the-top designs to more delicate and subtle options, here are some of the most striking manicures we found on Instagram.

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Some people really go all out and get very creative when going for a manicure. Nowadays, it seems like for anything you can think of, there is nail art inspired by it. And it also seems like each day Instagram and Pinterest get flooded with new nail trends.

And then we have some trends that have caused some controversy, such as boob and vaginal nails. Wait until you see these and other designs! 

The metallic studs look so cool over the nude nails. 1

This is a perfect look if you want to have fun with your nail art without going overboard.


The classic French manicure meets the trendy tiger nails. 2

Tired of the classic (and boring) French manicure? Try some tiger tips instead! 


These Atlantis-inspired designs are definitely a work of art! 3

The symbols glow in the dark! 

This nail art pays tribute to Kim Kardashian's big butt. 4

Kim's famous bum is pretty much the focus of the design. 


This beautiful and delicate design is perfect for the spring season. 5

Editorial manicurist Alicia Torello, who has worked with celebs such as Kylie Jenner and Anne Hathaway, created this delicate design for Creatures of Comfort's SS'18 runway... and I'm in love! 


For some reason, this nail art reminds me of dominoes. 6

Celeb manicurist Alicia Torello created this cool design for Opi and to me, it's a winner. 


Show your love for sports with your nail art. 7

Here's the perfect manicure for the die-hard basketball fan... or those who simply want to impress their basketball-loving boyfriends.

Use your nail art to express yourself. 8

Letters nail art is actually really hot right now. So go ahead and express yourself using your manicure. 


Take your love for abstract art to the next level. 9

Abstract nails are really hot right now. You would give this trend a try?

Logo nails are the new way of showing off your love for name brands. 10

If you think that wearing a shirt or a handbag with the brand's logo all over it is a little too much, get ready because you may now start seeing logo nails everywhere. 


Calling all the Little Mermaid fans out there! 11

This girl took her love for the Disney princess to the next level. 

Yup, that's a stripper you see in the nail! 12

Complete with a stripper pole that turns. 


This is an interesting way of showing your love for animals. 13

This girl definitely went wild!

Someone is a huge fan of the Japanese series 'Sailor Moon.' 14

I wonder how this girl does anything with these nails.


These are supposed to be Barbie and Ken. 15

We don't exactly see it but it's still impressive to say the least. 

Vagina-inspired nail art were all the rage in 2017. 16

According to fans of this trend, vagina nails are a way of celebrating femininity. The nail artist who created this design even looked up some medical models of the vulva online to get her design right.


And, after vagina nails came boob nails. 17

Some women actually get boob nails for Cancer Awareness Month.

Can you image what would be like to have teeth for nails? 18

Some social media users called these teeth nails "disturbing," "creepy" and "horrible," and I agree. 


Have some fun with broken glass nails! 19

Of course, they're not real glass but actually slivers of cellophane. Still, the nail masters behind this creative look sure do know how to make your hands look AH-MAZING.

Bubble nails have some lovers and some haters. 20

But there's no denying that you'll definitely be making a statement.


Geometric nail designs are blowing up Instagram right now. 21

You can do cool geometric designs in circles, squares, triangles, animal shapes, and so much more. 

This is a subtle way of rocking the geometric nail art trend. 22

If you are not a big fan of having a design on each nail, just go for one a geometric design on one nail of each hand and problem solved. 


The outrageous fur nail trend took Instagram by storm a couple of years ago. 23

This trend started on the runway, and then women all over the world started putting tips made of fur on their nails! I can't even start to imagine how stressful this would be. I mean, they get all wet when you shower; and then, how long do they take to dry? How do you even scratch an itch? Hmm, I'll pass!  

If fur nails are too much for you, then you can try the fur-effect manicure. 24

This is more subtle and it's actually cool. 


If you can't decide on a design, just get everything that comes to your mind! 25

This nail artist took some inspiration from Nicki Minaj's "Chun Li" video, Cardi B's Invasion of Privacy album cover art, the Fendi logo and even threw in some bling. 

Our girl Cardi B has inspired some really cool nail art. 26

These amazing designs were inspired by the rapper's breakout anthem, "Bodak Yellow."


Here's some inspiration for a pre-vacation manicure. 27

She is ready for her Bahamas vacay! 

This gorgeous mani combines two of the hottest nail trends right now. 28

You can combine two trends in one by doing matte nails with some geometric designs.


Well, here's an idea for the Starbucks fans out there. 29

She must really like Starbucks!

Rose quartz nails have become very popular as of late. 30

People are using these stones not just for their healing properties, but for fashionable reasons too


Minimalist nail art is always a chic option. 31

They say that less is more, and that may be the case when it comes to your nail art! 

Some people have a sweet tooth, some have a sweet nail... or two. 32

This nail art makes me want some ice cream right now. 


These nails are out of this world... literally. 33

Galaxy nails have been a favority among nail-art lovers for a while now. 

These burlesque nails feature some real lace! 34

This gorgeous manicure was created by applying some lace plates on the base of the nails. 


This is one bloody idea. 35

These nails are perfect for Halloween! 

This nail artist found some inspiration in the sea. 36

We can't get over this incredibly detailed mermaid nail art.


The classic Adidas Superstar sneakers will never go out of style. 37

So, why not just have them on your nails too?

The Royal Wedding has also inspired some nail art. 38

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding has been one of the biggest news stories of the year. 


Get ready for the World Cup! 39

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is around the corner, and getting some soccer-inspired nail art could be one fun way of showing support to your teams. 

It's all about the money! 40

I do want money in my pockets and in my bank account, but not too sure I want it on my nails. 


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