Beauty products that will make your lips appear fuller.

When Kim Kardashian decided to finally share the secret to her fuller lips, I freaked out. A part of me was hoping--praying even--that she'd admit to using lip injections like her younger sister Kylie Jenner did. Instead, what we got was a long list of beauty products Kim uses to enhance her pout. Of course, I was slightly disappointed by what I considered dishonesty, but also kind of excited by the amount of beauty and makeup products out there that can make anyone fake fuller lips!


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Don't get me wrong, none of the products are going to give you Kylie Jenner before-and-after results. But they can make lips look significantly more polished, smoother, and plumper. In fact, these are perfect for the girl who is not about that whole lip injection life.

Kylie Jenner seems to have started the trend of fuller lips and the focus on pout. But unless you got the big bucks to get injections done regularly and you know a good enough plastic surgeon or dermatologist that can manage to keep them looking natural, your best bet is to go for lip enhancing products that will leave you with more subtle and natural results. Here's a look at all the products to give you your best lip life!

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