Kim Kardashian wears cornrows & proves she just doesn't care what anyone thinks

Kim Kardashian receives backlash for wearing braids and calling them Bo Derek braids.

When it comes to cultural appropriation – the Kardashian-Jenner sisters really don't learn. For years I thought they were just tone-deaf, but I'm really starting to believe that they just don't give AF. Kim Kardashian recently shared a snap of her sporting bleach-blonde braids decorated with white beads at the ends, like nothing. To make matters worse, she even had the audacity of referring to her culturally appropriated style as "Bo Derek" braids. This is seriously unreal!

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"So guys, I did Bo Derek Braids, and I'm really into it," Kim says in her Snap video.

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If you understand the reference, you'd get why it's not okay. Bo Derek is a Hollywood actress known as the "original white woman to popularize cornrows" for sporting the braided look in the 1979 movie 10. People credit her for making the look a "cross-cultural craze," something that has upset a lot of folks, since the style actually originated from African culture.

All you have to do is look up "Bo Derek braids" to learn that this is NOT okay, so the fact that Kim Kardashian made that reference speaks volumes about her decision to wear braids. Is she trying to be the next white woman to take credit for a style that started with black women while also not acknowledging them at all in all this?

But wait, it gets worse.


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Kim also shared a picture of her wearing the style to her Instagram with the caption “Bo West.” Unbelievable. 


The backlash was brutal.

People went in, slamming her for cultural appropriation once again. 


People were especially bothered by the fact that she chose to credit a white woman for the inspiration.

Meanwhile, everyone knows these kinds of braids originated with black women. It’s really starting to feel deliberate at this point. 

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters have a history of appropriating black culture & never acknowledging it.

And even when they do apologize for it, they don’t actually stop. You’d think by now they would have learned their lesson. We can't count the amount of times Kim and her sisters have sported cornrows carelessly and unapologetically. 


They've also sported box braids on numerous occasions.


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But never ever credit black women for it.

This also isn’t the first time Kim references “Bo Derek braids.”

Bo Derek braids

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She rocked the look back in 2013 and also referred to them as “Bo Derek braids” back then. Seriously, when is this girl going to learn?


We’re so over her right now.

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If she’s not going to credit black women for these hairstyles, then she should stop wearing them all together. But the sad thing is, we all know she won’t.  

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