When it comes to nail trends, there's a LOT to love about 2018. There's tiger nails, which of course are really hard to pass up. Personally, I think that's a really great trend. But you know what's even hotter in 2018? Geometric nails. The awesome thing about geometric nail art, is that they are extremely versatile. You can do cool geometric designs in circles, squares, triangles, animal shapes, and so much more. Plus, did we mention the variety of colors? Trust us, you'll want to explore all of the options we have for you here.

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I know that it's really easy to get habitual with your nail art trends. You always go for pastels in the spring, bright colors in the summer, jewel-toned nails in teh fall, and glittery nudes in the winter. Those are all pretty great, but what if you get a little bored? That's where geometric nails come in. 

According to Pinterest's list of its top beauty trends for 2018, geometric nails are up 83% and people seem to be LOVING them. And why not? They're chic, totally interesting, and they can be super simple or really complicated. You can also play them up in different colors throughout the year. Try a gorgeous nude nail look in the winter or a little peekaboo glitter. Then, when spring hits, use your favorite peachy colors to bring out this geometric look. You can still do an accent nail, too, and especially if you try it in a super bold or dark color. And when it's summer? Yes, you can even do geometric nails in bright colors that will have even your closest friends totally jealous. Here are 15 gorgeous geometric nails to glare at and seek inspiration from. Get ready to be OBSESSED with this nail trend all year long. 

1. Peekaboo glitter is a sparkling geometric nail art trend. 1

This white-and-gold combo is simply perfect for snowy days or bright spring mornings. 


2. Some darker colors might be perfect to rock this trend in winter. 2

This dark, sparkly emerald color along with a black matte is absolutely perfect for winter. 


3. Blue nails give this trend a super special pop of color. 3

There's nothing quite like going to the white sandy beach with your gorgeous blue nails, no?

4. Show off your love of color with this gorgeous look. 4

Spring will definitely be here in no time when you wear these oh-so-pretty multi-color nails.


5. You can combine two trends in one by doing matte geometric nails. 5

A little pink is oh-so-pretty, but add a little black and you've really got something special. 


6. Make a really cool animal-themed design on your nails, too. 6

I mean, seriously, could this little animal face BE any cuter?!


7. Rock peachy nails all year long in this fun, geometric print. 7

These oh-so-gorgeous peach nails are perfect for basically any occasion.

8. Try a BOLD accent nail with your geometric design. 8

Nude nails with a really sharp, colorful geometric nail? Yes, please!


9. A nude geometric design is perfect for simplicity lovers. 9

Just a little touch of nude color with some white lines go a long way!

10. One of the year's hottest nail colors combines with the hottest nail trend. 10

This gorgeous teal color is simply adorable, isn't it?


11. Go for an ALL BOLD look with these bright neon geometric nails. 11

These gorgeous, bright nails are definitely going to be your go-to.

12. Ombre nails are still in, right? They are with this combo! 12

Nails going from blue to purple to pink, along with geometric designs, is going to be pretty gorgeous.


13. This heavenly geometric look is absolutely incredible. 13

Sometimes, you want subtle. And sometimes, you want your nails to make the best first impression.

14. These nails are sure to get people talking. 14

This design is absolutely heavenly, and it's definitely one you'll want to try.


15. Don't forget to bedazzle your geometric nails a bit. 15

Bright-colored nails are the best, but adding a little extra sparkle will also be pretty great.