This is Kim Kardashian's secret for flawless skin

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Even before Kim Kardashian was the overexposed reality star and entrepreneur that she is now, I noticed how flawless her skin was. And although just like the rest of us she's only gotten older, her skin looks better than ever, and not just because of whatever plastic surgery she may or may not have had. Kim has a rigorous skincare routine and undergoes regular facials and other treatments including face cupping, which is said to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

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If "cupping" sounds familiar, it's probably because it was what all the famous athletes were doing before the Rio Olympics back in 2016. Facial cupping, is a gentler version of the same procedure which increases bloodflow and stimulates the lymphatic system. It also reduces inflammation and smoothes skin.

Kim shares a lot of her beauty secrets on social media.

Kim shares a lot of her beauty secrets on social media.

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Kim likes to share a lot of her beauty tips and techniques on social media, especially on Snapchat and her app. A while back she snapped a pic from her facial cupping session and piqued everyone's interest. During the all-natural procedure, a small glass cup attached to a rubber bulb is used to suction the skin upwards, increasing blood flow to the area and relaxing the muscles, which also makes it easier for the skin to absorb other products. Kim's skin is super-smooth so it must be effective.


Is Mama Jenner in on it too?

Okay, okay, I'm pretty sure Kris Jenner is no stranger to Botox and other fillers, but she sometimes looks as young as her daughters. I wonder if she gets facial cupping done as well. Honestly, it seems like an awesome option if you can afford it.


Kim's skincare routine is intensive.

I often marvel at moms who have time for long beauty routines. I know Kim has plenty of help but her skincare routine seems like a part-time job. She often talks about the multiple steps in her routine including the use of a high-end foaming cleanser, hyaluronic acid, a face serum and a moisturizer on top of that. I'm lucky if I wash and moisturize every day, but that's just me.

She even takes a supplement to keep her skin fresh.

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Kim has admitted to treating her skin with a supplement containing purslane, an herb that has long been known for its skin healing properties, which include reducing inflammation and wrinkles, thanks to its high Vitamin A content. She uses a pricey $95 version called Skin Food by Dr. Barbara Sturm, but there are others out there.


Kim's devoted to a few basic skincare steps as well.


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While she has the benefit of being able to use all of the best products available to aid in her beauty routine, Kim does some things that are attainable for everyone. She swears by exfoliating regularly, always removing her makeup at night and wearing sunscreen.

Whatever she's doing, it's working.

Whatever she's doing is obviously working. Though she's posting lots of made-up photos lately while she promotes her KKW cosmetics line, it's not uncommon to see her on Keeping up with the Kardashians wearing little to no makeup, and her skin is super clear and smooth. At 37, you'd expect her to have at least a few fine lines and/or wrinkles, but if she does, they are undetectable.

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