Latina model cured her acne using natural remedies

Afro-Latina model shares how she cured her acne on Instagram

Social media might have its cons but it certainly has its pros, especially when it comes to getting the word out about beauty trends and skincare solutions. After a week of watching tons of micro-needling and vampire facial videos on Instagram, I recently learned about Brianna Lopez, a Latina model who basically cured her acne with natural remedies and the results will blow your mind. 

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The Mexican and Puerto Rican Latina model apparently used to struggle with serious acne.

She recently shared a before and after picture of her skin along with an empowering message that triggered over 10,000 likes. 


She also shared the skincare regimen she used to clear her skin.

{{ok editing this really quick cus I think people think I do this every day. I only reaaply moisturizer and sunblock in the mornings and do the oil cleansing and mask at night IF I had on makeup that day. If I didn't wear makeup I would just leave my face alone all the time}} I feel really dumb cus I wanted to make a video but Instagram wouldn't upload it. So I'm Just gonna show u guys picks. 1) i double cleanse with jojoba oil and wipe it off with a hot wash rag 2) i usually do a honey mask mixed with turmeric and cinnamon 3) i have two other masks that I like to use , sulfur mask and bentonit clay mask, but the honey one is my fave 4) I'll moisturize with the shea terra organics perfecting serum and doterra lavender oil 5) at night i'll spot treat with raw shea butter 5) I use the raw elements sunblock pretty much everyday 6) the last slide is the herbs I took to get my skin under control (please do your research on herbs before you take them(ill put a link in my bio for a video about herbs that really helped me) I only do all these steps if I had make up that day. So if I don't wear make up for a few days in a row, I just re-apply the two oils and some sunblock in the morning. I think that's pretty much it. I'm also pescatarian so I don't eat mammal meat but I eat fish. My diet is decent( I'm studying to be a nutritionist) this is what worked for me. I'm not saying that everyone has to do this to have decent skin. Commercial products may work for some people. But it didn't for me. Just made things worse. My skin still isn't "perfect". I'm gonna go through the comments on the other posts and go through the DMs to answer everyone one but there is a lot so bare with me. Feel free to ask more questions here if you need to. Hope this help some people.❤️ ( also just adding this in, if you don't wear make up, then I would suggest just leaving your skin completely alone. Look up the caveman regimen)

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Brianna apparently sticks mainly to all natural ingredients and homemade treatments. 


She double cleanses her skin with jojoba oil at night but only if she wore makeup that day.

Brianna then wipes it off with a hot wash rag. 

The young model does an all-natural honey mask.

She combines it with turmeric and cinnamon. 


She’s also a huge fan of sulfur and bentonite clay masks.

But the honey one is still her “fave.” 

She makes sure to keep her skin moisturized.

Brianna swears by the Shea Terra Organics Pefecting Serum ($29) and also loves the Doterra Lavender Oil ($28). 


Brianna even uses all-natural ingredients for spot treatments.

Apparently raw shea butter does miracles. 

She never skips out on sunblock.

The model recommends the Raw Elements Sunblock ($16). 


She loads up on herbs and supplements.

But highly recommends that her followers do their own research because what works for her may not work for everyone else. 

She took this natural route because nothing else was working for her.

"Commercial products may work for some people,” she captioned her photos on Instagram. "But it didn’t work for me. Just made things worse." 


She has a pretty healthy diet.

"I’m also pescatarian so I don’t eat mammal meat but I eat fish,” she added. My diet is decent (I’m studying to be a nutritionist) this is what worked for me.” 

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