One of the things I dedicated myself to in the last year is improving how my nails look. To be honest, it's one of those things that I have gotten really lazy about. You know how it goes: Life gets busy, you stop having time or money to make regular manicure appointments, or your favorite color at home dries out and you never replace it. But last year I decided to try improving the way my nails look by dedicating more time every week to actually getting them done. My thinking was that having nice-looking nails during the week will improve my mood and boost my self-confidence--and I was right!


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Experimenting with nail art became my go-to way to relax and absolutely great for my mental health. My secret was putting on an audiobook and just relaxing while I did my nails every Sunday night. It was an absolutely beautiful way to start my week and it always made me feel great when I made time for it. Although I haven't been quite as good about it the last few months (again, life gets in the way), I'm excited to tackle my new habit with new gusto in the new year. 

Part of trying a new habit is trying ways to make it new again. And the newest way to make your nails pop in 2018 is with tiger nails. That's right, the hottest trend in nail art is one that you might already be wearing in the form of T-shirts and your absolutely favorite dress. There's no reason to leave the tiger stripes to your clothes, however. You can totally rock this fierce nail look without a problem. And we have 12 beautiful examples to show you how.