I'm calling it: 2017 was THE year of the mermaid look. While last year we had everything unicorn, then this year was everything mermaid. You probably remember the unicorn hair, the unicorn nails, the unicorn toast and the unicorn drinks. Well, this year was basically the same thing but with mermaid-themed everything from head to toe. But while mermaid toast was pretty cool and all, the thing that's REALLY got our eyes sparkling with love is the mermaid-themed beauty looks that everyone has been rocking lately.


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At the beginning of this year, it was all about the mermaid locks. Then, as the year wound to a close, everyone was absolutely obsessed with the mermaid glitter undercuts and mermaid lash extensions. Yowza! Those aren't the only mermaid beauty looks that we've been loving, however. There's something to be said for variety and this year has really brought plenty of that: There has been the mermaid undercut (duh), mermaid hair, mermaid eye makeup, mermaid lashes, mermaid lips and mermaid nails. 

With so many gorgeous looks to pick from, I have to admit that it's almost difficult figuring out where to get started. The key you'll want to remember for rocking the mermaid look is that it is all about those oh-so-pretty blues, deep greens, turquoise colors and a bit of purple. Sometimes, when you're feeling like you want an extra pop of color, you can add a little bit of pink or a little bit of glitter. Luckily, though, there are PLENTY of gorgeous looks to choose from. Here are 18 gorgeous photos of the mermaid-themed beauty looks that rocked 2017. Should we continue it again next year? Yes, I think so.