Chiquis Rivera wears blue lipstick & rocks it

Chiquis Rivera's best lip looks

We think it's fair to say that Chiquis Rivera definitely takes after her mother, the late Jenni Rivera, when it comes to beauty. Not only did she inherit her gorgeous looks but she's a total glam girl! We love scrolling through her IG page just to check out some of her latest hair and makeup looks. In fact, she recently shared a lip look that totally shocked us.

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In efforts to showcase her love for Sugar Bear Hair vitamins, Chiquis posted a cute photoshoot pic of her rocking shiny baby blue lipstick and she actually made it look really dope.

We’re surprised at how much we like this look.

Not many people can pull blue lips off. 


We haven't seen blue lips this cool since Rihanna.

Remember that? Seriously, how can anyone forget?


Chiquis doesn’t normally rock blue lips but she definitely loves lipstick.

She recently showed off bold burgundy lips and looked so fab. 

Sometimes she goes for that wet and glossy lip.

Think J.Lo’s signature nude. 


Sometimes she goes matte.

We’re totally digging this pastel pink. 

Sometimes she goes glittery.

Who else do you know that makes Barbie-inspired lips look this good?


She does red often.

And looks like such a girl boss in this shade. 

She’s also a fan of purple lips.

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And we can’t blame her. She looks fierce in this color!


This violet color is so edgy.

She matched it with her eyeshadow too!

Hot pink lips should become a part of her signature look.

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She wears it so well!


Chiquis, keep slaying.

She totally got it from her fabulous mama!

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