There's a new & non-invasive way to get a butt lift

Non-surgical butt lifts that use Sculptra fillers

Butts and fillers are the hottest thing in beauty right now. So it's not surprising that non-surgical butt lifts have become a thing. Think Botox but (no bun intended) for your booty! It's totally different from the Brazilian butt lift procedure we've being hearing about for years and it also doesn't involve any liposuction. Just a syringe!


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The butt lift has become way less invasive these days. In fact, the latest doesn't involve any surgery at all. Previous butt procedures like the Brazilian butt lift, required having fat removed via liposuction from other areas of the body like the stomach, waist, or thigh area. That same fat was then injected into the butt area. There was also butt implants, for the girls who didn't feel like they had enough fat for liposuction. The implants were inserted but came with a ton of health risks. Both procedures have resulted in a ton of stories about botched jobs and even deaths.

But the latest procedure seems a lot simpler and safer. All it involves is a plastic surgeon injecting your butt with a specific filler called Sculptra. 

"Of all the fillers around, Sculptra is the one that's best suited to his purpose because you can get a fairly significant augmentation without actually that much product," New York City-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Darren Smith told Allure. "What it's doing is inducing your own collagen to grow around the product."

Like most fillers, the results are subtle and eventually fade. It's good if you want something that's not obvious. It's bad if you're not a fan of filler maintenance. 

Kylie Jenner has yet to confirm she's had a butt lift, but a lot of folks suspect it. Considering how naturally thin she is, if she has had anything done, it was most likely something like the Sculptra butt lift, since she definitely didn't have enough body fat for lipo.

In fact, the Kardashian's plastic surgeon and friend, Dr. Simon Ourian does a very similar procedure that doesn't use Sculptra specifically but uses semi-permanent fillers. 

It's quick and there's practically no down time. 

"You might be a little sore but that's it," Smith told Allure. I probably wouldn't want someone going to the gym the first day, but resuming normal activities, like going back to work same day, I'd be fine with."

In other words, you can go back to living your life. You don't have to actually take time off from work or anything, like you normally would after a plastic surgery procedure. 

But before you start booking your appointment, keep in mind that there are downsides to this procedure that include everything from the possibility of producing bumps and sporting a bump ass for years, and even possible infection. Plastic surgeons are honest about this. 

If you are interested, we highly recommend doing your homework first. 


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