Miss Venezuela is Kim Kardashian's twin

If there's one celeb who has a lot of look-alikes out there, it's Kim Kardashian. The latest doppelgänger though, doesn't look like she's had surgery to resemble the reality star. She just looks like she could be Kim's clone. Sthefany Gutierrez, an 18-year-old beauty queen who also happens to be the current Miss Venezuela, straight up looks like she could be related to the Kardashian sisters. The resemblance is so striking, it's practically breaking the internet. 

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Sthefany looks so much like Kim, she's been called the "Latin Kim Kardashian." They two of them share very similar features, from long straight black hair (though Kim has recently gone blonde), big dark eyes, full brows, and tan-ish skin. But as much as she looks like her, the Venezuelan beauty queen claims that her beauty inspiration comes from her mom and Old Hollywood actresses like Audrey Hepburn.

Have a look at the similarities between Kim and Sthefany.

Sthefany has Rapunzel hair like Kim used to have. 1

It's practically past hip length. 


Kim was sporting Cher-inspired hair for the longest. 2

Kim was sporting Cher-inspired hair for the longest.


She then cut it off into a sleek lob and recently went platinum blonde. 


Sthefany has very similar facial features to Kim. 3

They both have big dark, almond-shaped eyes, thick brows, and full lips. 

The resemblance is nuts. 4

The resemblance is nuts.


They so can pass for sisters!


Their fashion is really different, but ... 5

They do have a thing for plunging necklines and jumpsuits. 

Kim, of course, always takes deep-plunge to the next level. 6

Kim, of course, always takes deep-plunge to the next level.


She works it, though!


Sthefany is crazy for the selfies. 7

She takes really good ones, too!

We already know that Kim is the selfie queen. 8

It's always been and still is very much her thing. 


They both look so badass in bikinis. 9

Sthefany slayed in this leopard print number!

Kim Kardashian always kills it. 10

She's been looking better and better. 


They both have a thing for metallic gowns. 11

Look at Sthefany this jeweled gown!

Kim has sported similar looks. 12

Kim has sported similar looks.


They're just less beauty queen and more modern chic.