Sammy Sosa continues to bleach his skin and a look at his drastic transformation

Sammy Sosa
has been looking whiter than ever lately and it's really quite concerning. In case you don't know the full story, here's a quick recap. Sammy is a former MLB baseball player who was born in the Dominican Republic. His natural skin color is a beautiful dark chocolate tone but he's been sporting various shades of unnatural white (sometimes grayish) since he started bleaching his skin back in 2009. There's clearly something bigger that Sammy has been going through that goes even beyond aesthetics. 


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Sammy was first spotted sporting a much paler complexion in 2009. He's been looking unnaturally lighter since. Earlier this year, his pigment was so off, he looked as pink as a Pepto-Bismol bottle. And just this week he was spotted again showing off a pasty skin tone that looked strange and uneven. The sad thing is that Sammy has actually admitted to using bleaching cream. And while he may not see it that way, it's clearly a case of self-hate. 

Colorism is a huge problem across the world, but especially in Latin America where whiter skin and European features are highly praised. We can only hope that Sammy has some sort of revelation soon that inspires him to stop bleaching and embrace his natural beauty before the bleach does permanent damage to his skin. 

Here's a look at his devastating transformation over the years.

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