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Aisha Ceballos-Crump, the Puerto Rican mom and mastermind behind the all-natural curly hair and body line Honey Baby Naturals, knows curly hair. Ceballos-Crump created the line of natural hair care products after becoming a mom to three gorgeous and mixed-race kids, all of whom have curly hair. The key ingredient behind all the butters and creams is honey, and it really does wonders. In a time when curly-haired girls have seemingly unlimited hair care options, Honey Baby Naturals really does stand out. Ceballos-Crump herself gave us her top six genius tips for taking care of rizos


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Born and raised in Gary, Indiana, Ceballos-Crump created Honey Baby Naturals after 15 years of working in the beauty industry developing products. After becoming a mom, she realized she wanted to create her own hair and body line made with safe and natural ingredients.

"While trying to create products that would work for my family and similar families with different hair types and textures, I recalled my Puerto Rican grandmother having long dark beautiful healthy hair and flawless skin, and all she used was honey," Ceballos-Crump tells MamasLatinas. She understood the benefits "before honey was really a buzz ingredient" and Honey Baby Naturals, which is sold nationwide on Target, was born.

Ceballos-Crump's findings revealed what we all know:

I did tons of research and understood the health benefits. I understood and saw how it helps to heal psoriasis and stimulates hair growth. It's a natural sugar and good source of moisture for the hair. It's especially good for curly hair because it keeps the curls moisturized, which tend to get frizzy. It coats the hair and mimics some of the natural properties of the hair. 

With fall here, we thought we'd ask Ceballos-Crump for some curl tips to help us rock our healthiest and sexiest head of hair. Check them out!

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