SEE: Salma Hayek proudly shows off her gray hair & we love her for it

Salma Hayek con canas

Can I just say how much I love Salma Hayek? Gray hair and all. Yes, you read that right Salma has gray hair. And no, she's not ashamed of it. In fact, she might actually be proud of it, and I totally get why.


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I've adored Salma since I was a little girl watching Desperado. I was able to relate to her and her distinctive Latina beauty long before Jennifer Lopez hit the scene and showed my teen self that my brown skin and curvy hips were beautiful.

Now, Salma has taken to Instagram with a minimally-made-up, natural-browed, hoodie-clad selfie revealing the streaks of gray hair that are taking over her mane of thick, dark hair.

Her gray hairs are long--they've been there for a while, untouched. She's not dying them, attempting to hide them. It seems that she's embracing them. She's 51 years old, of course she has some gray hair.

This actually resonates with me a ton, just the way her curly hair and soft body did when I first watched her on the television screen. I'm 32--nearly 20 years younger than Salma--and mostly due to genetics, my hair is speckled with gray, and I not-so-secretly love it.

I feel like I'm supposed to be embarassed or ashamed that my hair is changing this early in life, like it's some sort of imperfection, but I'm actually proud.

I'm proud because I've lived enough life to earn those gray hairs. I'm proud because I inherited a family trait that goes back many, many generations. My gray hairs make me, me. They make me unique, and I have no intention of trying to hide them.

So thanks, Salma, for being a public figure--a sex symbol, even--who is not afraid to show the world that aging is not a sign of imperfection or waning beauty, but rather a sign of humanity that should be embraced.

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