Woman with severe baldness receives incredible hair transformation

Woman with alopecia receives hair transformation

Hair loss can be a very traumatic thing for a woman, especially when it's something as permanent as Alopecia Areata, where the hair follicles in many cases never grow back. It's devastating, to say the least, which is why we were so touched when we heard celebrity hairstylist and owner of the Elegance of Amor salon in Brooklyn, New York, Cherie Amor, created the ultimate makeover for one of her clients who suffers from severe baldness. The difference was so drastic, it will leave you in tears.


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It's not every day you meet a talented enough stylist who really knows how to deal with severe cases of hair loss. But Cherie Amor was clearly ready for the challenge. The makeover she did for her client with alopecia was incredible. Cherie hand sewed hair through a crochet cap to cover all the areas of her client's hair loss on her scalp, and it looked so beautiful and natural. Talk about a transformation!

But what's really touching is the way her client reacts to her new 'do. She looked so happy and confident with her head full of thick and curled hair. 

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"So this client of mine suffers from Alopecia… she wasn't sure if this could even be done and I guaranteed her I can pretty much make anything work… the come out was amazing and she was Happy… so get the look… no need to be embarrassed… always feel comfortable in the skin your in! HAIR JUST ADDS VOLUME TO YOUR BEAUTY," Cherie captioned the video on Instagram. 

She also made a point to mention that she used absolutely no glue. The hair was all sewed in. 

This woman's hair transformation was nothing short of remarkable. It's also a reminder that hair is just hair, it doesn't define you or your beauty. And there's always a solution whether it's treatment or in this case a beautiful lace front wig. 


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