Kourtney Kardashian
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Kourtney Kardashian's petite body is different than those of her curvaceous famous sisters. While her sisters have big hips and big booties, Kourt stands out with her smaller frame and toned muscles. Her enviable abs and her cellulite-free booty are proof that eating healthy and staying active the way she does sure pay off in the long run. 

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For so long, Kourtney has preached about the importance of eating clean and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and now she's reaping the benefits! She doesn't look a day over 25, and neither does her body. Here's a look at so many other times Kourtney gave us serious #bodygoals through the years.

Additional reporting by Johanna Ferreira.

Her body looked incredibly toned in this leopard print bikini. 1

Kourt looked so amazing in this bikini pic. The way she is posing highlights just how toned her entire body is.


Kourtney knows she looks good. 2

While vacationing in Italy, Kourtney decided to show off some of her tiniest bikinis. This floral one looks so good on her. 


She loves wearing one-piece bathing suits. 3

This black bathing suit looks gorgeous on her. It might be a one-piece, but the high cut on the leg gives it an extra bit of sexiness.

Her waist looks so small! 4

Kourt looked amazing in this stunning one-piece, and it honestly fit her like a glove. Her waist is practically nonexistent. 


Her abs are looking better than ever. 5

A high-waisted skirt with a crop top is always a flattering look, especially when you have abs like Kourtney's to show off.


She makes petite women so proud! 6

In a world where people are getting butt implants and fat transfers to have more curves, Kourtney reminds us that being petite, natural, and toned is still sexy. Just look at her curves in this one-piece!


Kourt loves wearing teeny-tiny thong bikinis. 7

She let it all hang out while wearing a floral bikini that pretty much didn't cover her backside at all. Her then-boyfriend Younes Bendjima got in trouble for posting a shamey comment under this pic.

Kourtney stripped down to her birthday suit to promote her new business. 8

Kourt put it all on display to promote her health and wellness site, Poosh, in 2019, and she looked amazing wearing nothing but a towel on her head.


All that healthy eating has surely paid off. 9

Look at her abs! For years, Kourtney has been raving about how important it is to eat healthy, and she maintains a strict, clean diet. Now that she's 40 and still rocking tiny bikinis, it seems like her commitment to her lifestyle has paid off. 

She sees any moment as an opportunity to show off her toned belly. 10

Even the snow seems like a great backdrop for a bikini pic when you look this good and in shape!


She is actually vacation goals! 11

Kourt doesn't seem to have one bit of cellulite anywhere on her body! Must be nice. 

Kourt really shines when she's on vacation. 12

Her legs, her arms, her belly--they all look so incredible in this shot. The angle is definitely different, but it captures her best sides.


Her thong bikini bottom is making us want to do squats. 13

We NEED to know her secrets for maintaining such a toned booty!

This woman is aging in reverse. 14

It's hard to believe this mom of three is 40 years old. She looks at least 10 years younger. 


Her butt looks amazing. 15

It's like she grew a booty overnight. All those lower body workouts are seriously paying off. 

She works the monokini like you wouldn't believe. 16

These types of bathing suits can be tricky to wear, but she pulled it off so well. There's not a chicho in sight. 


She's not afraid to show off her hot bod. 17

And why would she be? The woman looks flawless! She's not afraid to pose next to her supermodel sister or her other curvaceous sisters because she knows that no matter what, she looks amazing.

Her abs are sick. 18

She swears by this Flat Tummy Tea, but we're pretty sure there's a lot more she's doing to maintain that toned and tight core--especially eating right.


She's practically living in thong bikinis these days. 19

With a butt like that, who wouldn't? She's a great reminder that even though big butts seem to be in style right now, more toned and natural looks will always be attractive.

Her waist is tiny. 20

Her uber-strict detox diet is apparently worth it. She carried three kids, and it doesn't look like it at all.


She looks more confident than ever. 21

Kourtney appears to be feeling really good about herself and her body these days. Confidence is key. 

Watch out Kim; Kourtney's booty is taking over. 22

In fact, it's been looking so good, some folks suspect she might have gotten a Brazilian butt lift


She's clearly feeling herself. 23

Because the belfie pics have been coming nonstop. Get it, girl!

Kourtney literally looks at least 10 years younger. 24

They say you're as young as you feel, and we're guessing Kourtney feels 28 or younger. 


She's all about that beach and pool life. 25

Life is too short to not spend every day in a bathing suit, right? 

Bikini season is never over for Kourtney. 26

Kourt loves to travel to places where she can just walk around in a bathing suit, and we don't blame her! We're expecting at least 10 new bikini pics on her IG feed before the year ends. 


Work it, Kourt! 27

Kourtney got naked for a photo shoot in honor of her 38th birthday and slayed like you wouldn't believe.