1001 fesses project
1001 Fesses Project/Instagram

Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez might have put big booties on the map, but that doesn't mean all butts are treated equally. That's why two French artists and childhood friends Emilie Mercier and Frédérique Marseille, set out to showcase beautiful butts, all in different sizes, shapes, colors, and ages, in their photo project, aptly named 1,001 Fesses. Their Instagram page already has almost 11,000 followers--a testament to the fact that many of us are looking for body positive inspiration. All butts are beautiful, not just the round, perky one that's so worshipped on social media these days. See for yourself in these artists' photos!

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All butts look good. 1

Eff society’s beauty standards!


Don’t compare your body to anyone else's. 2

Life is WAY too short for that. 


Love your pregnant booty. 3

It’s lovely. 

Nudity is not porn. 4

It’s just our bodies. 


Love your booty. 5

It’s the only one you got. 


A Cubana and her amazing booty. 6

Self-love is everything. 


When’s the last time you took a good look at your bare butt and just admired it? 7

Do it girl!

Butts are pretty awesome. 8

We need to show them a little more love. 


Tell your butt it is fabulous. 9

And that includes even when it gets older. 

Appreciate every scar, mole and birth mark. 10

It’s all part of what makes you, you.