Brow exfoliating might give you the arches of your dreams & here's how

Exfoliating brows to prevent ingrown hairs and encourage growth

Thick brows are never going out of style. That's #facts! But what if we told you, you've been skipping out on an important step that could help prevent ingrown hairs and encourage hair growth? That's right, according to Allure, exfoliating your brows might be the one thing you're missing to take your brows from basic to bold. Who knew? But wait, because there's a very specific way to do it.


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Okay, so now that we know we should be exfoliating our brows. How exactly do we do this and how often? According to Lisa Potter-Dixon, head makeup artist and brow expert for Benefit Cosmetics, you don't need to exfoliate your brows any more often than you're exfoliate your face.

"Exfoliating your brows can easily become part of [it]. Every time you exfoliate your face, spend an extra 20 to 30 seconds massaging the exfoliator in circular motions around the brow area," she told Allure. "Do this one to two times a week." 

No big deal, right? But wait, here's where you have to pay careful attention.

According to Dixon you want to make sure that you don't exfoliate your actual eyebrows. Why? Cause exfoliating the actual brows can lead to accidental hair loss and even eyebrow scaling. Nobody wants that. Instead she recommends taking a gentle face scrub like Fresh Sugar Face Polish ($62) and rubbing the area that surrounds your brows for a few seconds.

This isn't a new thing. Allure reports that brow specialist Kelley Baker recommends this beauty tip to celebrity clients like Zendaya and Shay Mitchell who have pretty amazing arches.

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If you don't want to waste your fancy face scrubs, we thought we'd let you know that brow exfoliator actually exists. The Blink Brow Bar Brow Exfoliator ($22) comes in a convenient stick applicator, making exfoliating your brows WAY less messier than you'd expect. How awesome is that?

Cheers to fuller, and even more stunning brows. Yasss! 


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