Jennifer Pampolona spends over $500 K in plastic surgery to look just like Kim Kardashian.

There was a recent story published on on influencers who have spent millions just to look like the Kardashian-Jenner sisters. Some of them look so much like them it's creepy. Take Jennifer Pampolona for instance: The Instagram star and TV personality has not only had work done to look like Kim Kardashian, but she literally tries to replicate her life.


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Pampolona has admittedly had numerous surgeries to look just like Kim and she's unapologetic about it. She has so far spent over $500K on getting her body to resemble her idol's. 

 "I just did my ninth surgery. I did my butt again. I did the liposuction. I removed a hip. I did my chin. I did my nose. I did a boob job. Oh, so many things," she told "You know what they call me? They call me Jennifer Pampolona Kardashian."

The 25-year-old Brazilian woman has made a complete business out of looking like Kim, and clearly it's working because aside from her 245K followers on Instagram, Jennifer also owns her a chocolate company, has a reality show called Plastics of Hollywood in the works, and her own pocket perfume line. In other words, she's making bank off of Kim's looks.

Here's a look at her most Kim-look-alike pics!

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