Did Kim Kardashian get her lips done?

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I'm starting to think that Kim Kardashian's current fashion is just for the sake of shock value. It's almost like she's intentionally wearing the most revealing outfits possible because she knows we're all going to want to talk about it. Smart girl, right? It's definitely a genius way to stay relevant. Kim's latest look consists of a deeply low-cut and completely see-through jumpsuit that exposed her nipples. Frankly, Kim's nipples no longer faze me. She's been showing them off for months. It's her much fuller pout that caught my attention. 


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Kim Kardashian's practically naked outfit might have shocked some, but it really was NBD for me. How many times have we seen Kim rock a sheer outfit with no bra? 

Her lips, on the other hand, looked very different. Her upper lip especially looked a lot plumper. Think Kylie Jenner. 

kim kardashian fuller lips
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In fact, Dr. Simon Ourian, the doctor that does Kylie Jenner's lips, is loved by the entire Kardashian-Jenner fam. And that includes Kim! So it wouldn't be so far-fetched if Kim had a little work done to make her lips look a little fuller. With that said, Kim admits to always using lip liner to define her lips.

"I always have to line my lips--mainly, my upper lip. If I don't, I just feel like my upper lip totally disappears. I use the darker shade of the medium contour stick to make my lips look fuller," she wrote on her app. 

Could it be a liner trick or injections? Maybe both? Who knows, but there's no denying Kim's much fuller pout these days. Hey, I'm not hating. I'm just saying. The girl looks great!

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