Vaginal highlighter is a real thing but what exactly does it do?

Vaginal highlighterHighlighters are huge these days, thanks to the Kardashian-Jenner clan and their shimmery and sculpted high cheek bones. So it should come to no surprise that now there's highlighter for--wait for it--your vagina. That's right, there's an actual highlighter created specifically for your vag. The question is: What does this do exactly?


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Women are using highlighters on their va-ja-jays. I repeat, actual vagina highlighter and it's called The Perfect V's Shades of V Very V Luminizer. It's hard to process, I know, but this is actually a real thing. According to the website, the vaginal highlighter does a number of things from renewing and improving the skin, to brightening and minimizing the appearance of skin imperfections and, apparently, adds "some extra prettiness to the V." But wait, there's more. 

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This is how the site refers to vaginas: 

"The V is that pretty little triangle sometimes neat, at other times unruly, but always perfect and unique in its own personal way." It really says this. 

The Scandinavian brand carries other products specifically dedicated to making your vulva look prettier. They got everything from gentle washes, VV beauty sheets (which are the equivalent of sheet masks but for your vag), serums, mists and more. The options are overwhelming. 

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Listen, I'm all for grooming and keeping my vag as smooth and fresh as possible. But I'm not so sure how I feel about adapting a regimen to my vag that's just as dedicated and involved as the skincare routine I use on my face. Does my vag really need a sheet mask or a highlighter? It all seems a tad bit extra to me. Hey, to each her own. Right?

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If it makes you and your vag happy, do it!

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