Does Kourtney Kardashian's butt look amazing because of surgery?

Kourtney Kardashian's butt is bigger
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Kourtney Kardashian
has been looking better than ever these days. The 38-year-old mom is in the best shape of her life and has been really comfortable showing off her beach bod lately, bare butt included! In fact, speaking of bare butt, have you noticed how much bigger and toned Kourtney's butt has gotten? Was it butt injections or is this just a great example of how fitness can help you build a butt? 


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If you look at pictures of Kourtney a few years back, she always had a booty but it was significantly smaller than what she's working with now, even when she was heavier. One could argue that she probably had butt injections done, especially because that's what a lot of folks suspect her sisters Kim, Khloe, and Kylie did. 

This is how Kourtney's butt used to look.

Kourtney Kardashian's butt
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Kourtney Kardashian's bikini body
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This is how it looks now in all its plump and perky glory. 

Let's not forget, one of the Kardashian's favorite doctors is Dr. Simon Ourian, a plastic surgeon who has earned praises for Kylie's "super natural" lip injections and also known for his "no scalpel Brazilian butt lift." His work is so convincing you'd never question if one of his client's had work done or not. He can turn the flattest booty into a bubble butt. So it's entirely possible that this is the route Kourtney took. 

With that said, Kourtney has maintained a very strict diet and fitness regimen. She rarely consumes gluten, dairy, sugar or red meat. She even detoxes regularly and when she detoxes she goes hard. I'm talking three low-carb meals a day that are high in protein and fatty acids. And low-carb literally means no grains, beans or legumes for any meal.

One day a week, she does a 24-hour fast where she only drinks water and bone broth. "On fasting days, I try to stay busy and, if I'm home, I'll avoid going into the kitchen," she says. If you think that's intense, wait until you hear about her workout routine.

Kourtney works out six times a week. "I love to switch it up… when you get too much into a workout routine your body gets used to it so, I think having a workout partner really motivates me in the morning," she says. And even when she's not working out, she's working out. Kourtney does 100 squats every day before going into the shower. 

"If I know bikini time is coming up or I have a trip or I have something that I want to be extra in shape for, I'll do dips on my bathtub for my triceps. I'll try to do three sets of 25 a day," she told E! "And then no matter what I always do 100 squats before I get in the shower because I won't forget. It's like my time. I'm about to get in the shower and I just do 100 squats." 

That fitness regimen alone is enough to plump a booty. Maybe she's doing it the natural way. Maybe it's a little bit of both fitness and Dr. Ourian's Brazilian butt lift. Either way, she looks awesome and we can't blame her for constantly showing that booty off!

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