Model proves that unibrows are sexy AF

Scarlett Costello unibrow
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I used to cringe whenever a family member would remind me I used to have a unibrow. I was bullied about it for years until my mom finally let me get my brows waxed, back in middle school. For the longest, I thought Frida Kahlo was the only woman who could actually pull off this look. Apparently, a lot of ladies are now embracing the fuzz in the middle and rocking it with pride. In fact, there's a model on Instagram who's really making a strong cause for bringing back the unibrow. She wears it like a boss!


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Scarlett Cosetello is a16-year-old model who credits her mom and Frida Kahlo for why she loves her unibrow so much.

"I've had it my whole life and I didn't think much of it growing up," she told Teen Vogue. "My mom always told me it's good to have thick brows because she plucked her thin ones off in the '90s when pencils brows were in. I definitely wanted shaped pointy brows when I was 15 or so, but thick bushy brows got trendy around then and I figured it was more 'me' to grow them out." 

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But she wasn't always rocking her gorgeous unibrow for the world to see. "For a while, I waxed it for modeling," Castillo said. Eventually her model agency Ford Paris suggested she grow it out. 

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"I started to think that I looked better with it," she said. "I'm a big believer in the idea that everyone looks the best the way their genes intended them to. The confidence of embracing natural beauty is what makes it great." 

Costello's Instagram is flooded with stunning photos of her proudly showing off her bushy unibrows. And while of course she gets haters, the positive feedback always outweighs the bad. 

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"I get more positive feedback than negative," she added. "But I've gotten some negative comments as well. People have called me an ogre and a pretentious feminist." Haters are always going to hate. It's nice to see a confident teenager who is proud to embrace her natural beauty and give to effs what anyone has to say about it. 

As for how she maintains that beautiful fringe, Castillo swears by castor oil. He applies it to her brows every night before bed. "Supposedly, it helps them grow," she said. "Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel is my best friend. I take it everywhere." 

While I have absolutely no intentions of growing my unibrow back, I do think Castillo's brows send a strong and important message to both women and young girls about today's beauty standards. Just because they exist doesn't mean you have to follow them. Do whatever makes you feel beautiful and let the haters hate.  

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