Kim Kardashian shows us how exactly to use her contour & highlighting sticks

Image via Kimkardashian/instagram

If you actually had a chance to score yourself a KKW Beauty Contour Stick before they all sold out, chances are you're still trying to figure out how to properly use it. Sure, it doesn't take rocket science to learn how to contour, but it takes a few tricks and tips to get it right. And who better to show us than Kim Kardashian herself? The reality star and beauty brand owner recently took to Instagram to show fans how to use her new products and it literally took no more than 12 minutes. 


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You gotta hand it to Kim, the girl knows beauty. It's no wonder KKW Beauty sold out in minutes, racking up $14.4 million in sales. I'm definitely impressed. 

She did a live story on Instagram breaking each step down and it's actually easier than I thought. Kim goes from a bare face to a full-on makeup look in 12 minutes.

She begins hydrating her face with the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. Then she applies concealer from a pot using a fluffy brush to her under eyes and blemishes. She blends everything with the sponge end of her brush. 

She goes on to apply foundation using a makeup brush and applying in a circular motion. Sets her foundation with powder and this is where the fun part happens. 

Kim grabs the contour stick and starts drawing on contour lines to her cheek bones, hair line, jawline, and on the sides of her nose using the darker side of the contour. She literally just draws the lines on. Then she takes the brush side and blends it all in. Then comes the highlight, which Kim applies to the top of her cheek bones, her under eyes, her cupid's bow, her forehead, and down the bridge of her nose. There you have it: a perfectly sculpted and glowy face. I'm shocked at how easy this was. 

"All right guys … that's just a quick little situation to show you guys how to do it in two minutes," Kim says. It didn't take two minutes, it was actually 12, but keep in mind the amount of times she had to stop to explain the steps to viewers. With enough practice anyone can get this down in five minutes easy. 

Originally I wasn't a 100 percent sold on Kim's kit but after watching this tutorial, I think I might just get myself one, you know, when they come back in stock. 

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