Jennifer Lopez's best ab moments

Jennifer Lopez is 48 years old and she still has the sickest abs in the biz. In fact, her body only looks toner and more sculpted with age. She was recently seen leaving The Standard Spa in Miami Beach this week and showed off a super tight mid-section that has us all wanting to run to the nearest gym!

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J.Lo's ab life is so on point, she's had haters accuse her of photo shopping her chiseled bod on Instagram pictures. Yea, it's that serious. But the truth is, she's dedicated to her fitness routine and lives a strictly healthy lifestyle.

The woman never drinks and always gets her beauty sleep. So of course, she's going to look HOT! Here's a look at some of her best ab moments. 

Jennifer Lopez is starting the new year right. 1

Jennifer Lopez is starting the new year right.


We're only 17 days into 2018 and her abs are more on point than ever!


The hate got serious. 2

Seconds after Jennifer posted the picture, trolls started accusing her for Photoshopping the picture and claiming that the edit was so bad that there was a hole on her hip. J.Lo fired by pointing out a small smudge on the mirror. We also did a little homework and found quite a few pics that prove J.Lo’s rock-hard abs are actually real. Scroll through to see!


She sports tight abs in a vintage Versace dress. 3

Seriously, how many people can actually pull this off?

Can those abs get any flatter? 4

We need to know her secret. 


She works a crop top like it's nobody's business. 5

This outfit is everything. 


Those abs are practically protruding out. 6

Look at that six-pack!


She's practically naked underneath this jumpsuit. 7

So flawless!

Talk about washboard abs. 8

Those things look hard as a rock. 


To all the haters out there. 9

J.Lo has always had a sick body and tight abs. Just so you know. 

There's a reason why she's won best body. 10

Because hers is always on point. 


She might as well live in crop tops. 11

She wears them so well. 

Okay. Now we're just starting to get jealous. 12

Two kids later and her abs keep looking better than ever. 


That time she killed it on a Self magazine shoot. 13

For the fools who think J.Lo Photoshops her abs. This one is for you!