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Celebrities are constantly switching up their hair looks. They go from waist-length dark hair to short platinum blond pixies to rainbow hair, all within a matter of days. But these days they're getting a lot smarter about how they change their hair. Instead of chopping off their locks or bleaching their hair or going pastel pink on a whim (and damaging it in the process), now they're turning to stylish wigs.

Honestly, wigs are probably the smartest way to transform your look in a flash without the regrets or the damage. And thanks to stars like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, and Jennifer Lopez, there's definitely more acceptance of wigs. They have become rather trendy--especially in Hollywood.

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While most of us would spend hundreds of dollars at the salon for a new look, these stars just keep different options of hair colors and lengths to wear for the day. Some stars even go as far as matching their wigs to their outfits, and that's a level of glamorous most people won't ever experience. 

The wig installations have become so next level that it's often even difficult to tell between real hair and wigs. Some celebrity hairstylists have mastered the art of applying wigs and making it look like it the star's own hair. That's talent. It's so easy to transform your look by simply changing up your hair, and these stars do it flawlessly and they totally love it. Here are 20 celebs who are all about that wig life.

Thalía has so much fun whenever she wears a wig. 1

She had a blast when she rocked this pink wig in 2018 and she honestly looked amazing. There's no need to damage your real hair when you play around with the colors by trying different wigs.


Salma Hayek is always gorgeous as a brunette. 2

She has rocked wigs for some of her movie roles, including one with gray hair and this blond one for Hitman's Bodyguard 2. There's no denying that this makes her look like a whole new person.


It's rare to see Ariana Grande without a wig. 3

It's rare to see Ariana Grande without a wig.

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Her high pony hairstyle has become her signature look. The back of the pony is so long, it's gotta be a wig or extensions. She wears this look so much that the world stops whenever Ari shows a pic of her real hair. 

Fans just love seeing Katy Perry with long hair. 4

When Katy chopped off her long black hair and swapped it for a blond pixie cut, her fans were not happy. Every time she surfaces on Instagram with a long-haired wig, her fans get extra excited. She looks beautiful either way, but there's no denying that she looks great in this platinum blond one. 


Kylie Jenner loves wigs more than most people. 5

She debuts a new look almost every week thanks to her wig stylist, Tokyo Stylez. She often even matches her wigs to her outfits. The things money can buy!


We're used to seeing Amber Rose with her beautifully shaved head. 6

But when she's itching for a longer style, she opts for a glamorous wig. And she definitely looks like a completely different person.


Beyoncé has probably one of the best wig collections ever. 7

Beyoncé has probably one of the best wig collections ever.

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She's known for her incredibly natural-looking lace fronts. She probably has some of the best wigs in the game. 

Kim Kardashian's wig collection blows my mind. 8

Kim Kardashian's wig collection blows my mind.

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Kim often goes from a short bob to hair down to her butt in a matter of a day, she does that all with the help of extensions and wigs--and she also gets to play around with different colors. Her hair is always on point.


Blac Chyna almost always wears wigs. 9

Blac Chyna almost always wears wigs.

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Not only do her wigs always look good, but she's revealed on her Instagram that it's how she keeps her natural hair long, thick, and healthy. Smart!

Jennifer Lopez doesn't normally rock her natural hair. 10

Jennifer Lopez doesn't normally rock her natural hair.

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We're not sure if it's wigs or hair extensions (maybe both), but it's clear that J.Lo loves herself some fake hair. Every now and then we'll see her show off her collar-length natural curls, but most days it's long, dramatic strands. 


Rihanna should have her own wig line. 11

Rihanna should have her own wig line.

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That's how often she rocks them. Every time we see her, she's got new hair. She's already dominating every other avenue, she might as well release a wig line!

Nicki Minaj is the queen of wigs. 12

Nicki Minaj is the queen of wigs.

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She used to sport them in every color possible. She now usually sticks to black locks that vary from shoulder-length to so long they practically hit at her ankles. 


Janelle Monáe likes to wear wigs on the red carpet. 13

Janelle Monáe likes to wear wigs on the red carpet.

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Most days we see her rocking her naturally coily curly hair. But she has also rocked really cute pixie cut styles that are actually wigs. 

Teyana Taylor looks different every single time. 14

The singer and actress, who also gets her fabulous wigs styled by Tokyo Stylez, loves to experiment with different shades. And she definitely rocks them with confidence.


Gigi Hadid wore a wig that we all believed was a haircut once. 15

Gigi Hadid wore a wig that we all believed was a haircut once.

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She sported a sleek, sexy bob at the 2015 American Music Awards and had everyone thinking she chopped her hair off. It came out later that it was actually a half wig

Kylie Jenner's former BFF Jordyn Woods is also a big fan. 16

Seriously, how pretty is this? Tokyo Stylez also styles her hair, or used to before she had a falling out with Kylie. But that hasn't stopped Jordyn from slaying in her various wigs.


Cardi B loves to go dramatic. 17

For the hip-hop artist, the more dramatic the wig, the better! She is mostly seen on and off the stage wearing all sorts of lengths and colors, and she wears them so well.

Karrueche Tran's wigs look SO real! 18

Also working with Tokyo Stylez, Karrueche's wigs look so much like her natural hair you'd never know the difference. With a face as pretty as hers, anything will look good!


Kehlani wears a different wig practically every week. 19

She sports her super short curls on her chill days and wears different wigs for shoots, performances, and when she's out and about. How dope is this turquoise one, though? 

Selena Gomez fooled us with this bob wig. 20

For a second we thought she actually chopped her hair off and totally loved it on her. It came out later that it was just a wig. Now, that's impressive!


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