Kim Kardashian loses 100,000 followers after unedited cellulite pics & it's SO effed up

If you're not living under a rock, chances are you saw the bikini pics of Kim Kardashian vacationing in Mexico. You probably also noticed that those same photos were unedited and showed a significant amount of cellulite. I have absolutely nothing against cellulite. We all have it! But apparently a lot of Kim's followers were ticked off when they saw the unedited photos. But not because of her cellulite. They're upset that Kim has been airbrushing photos of herself on social media this entire time. 


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According to Marie Claire, Kim has lost over 100,000 followers since the cellulite pics were released. People are pissed and mainly because they feel like she's lied to them. If you look at the pictures Kim posts on Instagram and compare them to paparazzi pics, they are drastically different. Her waist is always a little smaller and there are never signs of cellulite anywhere, not even in her thonged bikini pics. 

Here's a picture of Kim unedited:

Here's a picture from the same event that Kim posted to her Instagram:

Here's the unedited bikini pic everyone keeps talking about:

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And here's an example of the kind of bikini pic Kim normally posts:

See the difference?

Her butt looks smoother, firmer and cellulite-free in every booty picture on Instagram. Some folks are even more convinced now that her butt is fake. The angry tweets are endless.

With that said, I have to come to Kim's defense. It takes a very strong and confident person to post pictures on social that showcase their flaws, whether it's stretch marks, cellulite, or love handles. In a perfect world we'd all be like Chrissy Teigen or Denise Bidot, but we're not--and that's okay. I'm a normal person with a small social following and I will probably never post a picture that shows the cellulite I've started developing on my thighs and I sure as hell would never post a pic that makes me look like I have a pouch. Part of it is pure vanity, but part of it is also not wanting to get ridiculed by internet trolls.

Seriously, look at all the nasty comments people have already made about Kim's cellulite, including Piers Morgan's disgusting words. "Flaws should not be celebrated. My thoughts are, she's just launched her new emoji of her backside next to an ashtray--which she's called it 'ass tray'--so I think her posterior is fair game," he said recently on Good Morning Britain.

It's comments like these that make women self-conscious about our cellulite to begin with. Just think about the amount of hate Kim would get for every cellulite booty pic she'd post on IG. It would practically shut down her account.

Does she edit her social photos? Absolutely. It's so obvious they look cartoonish. Do I love that she does? Not really, but who am I to judge, especially when every other celeb out there is probably doing the same.

If you ask me, Kim responded to all this in the most boss b*tch way possible. 

 Amen to that!

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