Kim Kardashian's butt looks like this without Photoshop or filters

kim kardashianKim Kardashian took a secret trip to Mexico and showed off her figure in a new bikini. Perhaps she thought no one was watching, but even if she decided not to Snapchat her trip, the paparazzi still knows where to find her. Kim traveled with sister Kourtney and friends Brittny Gastineau and Larsa Pippen. Take a look at her beachy look and you will be shocked!


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Let's note the obvious: Kim has cellulite just like the rest of us! Every time I see her curves in a nude selfie, I never see any dimples, which doesn't make any sense for a curvy woman.

The facts are in this photo! She does have imperfections and she's letting it all hang out! We should all feel a little better about our own and embrace them. 

I do find it sad that Kim has reworked her body and made adjustments instead of just embracing her natural figure. Yes, she was always curvy since she was a teen, but her body has definitely been enhanced in one form or another. She may never admit it, but in my opinion she doesn't have to. 

Her body is hers to do whatever she likes to, but I hope that she's able to love herself and her imperfections because perfection doesn't exist. Although, it may be a shocker for her...


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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