Kim Kardashian dyes her hair silvery platinum blonde just in time for NYFW

Kim Kardashian has become a chameleon when it comes to her style, her beauty looks but most importantly, with her hair. The KKW Beauty founder changes her hair up so much and so often that once you start to get used to her looking a certain way, she debuts a brand new look. 

When she first burst onto the scene, she was known for her gorgeous, long brunette hair with dramatic waves that many women tried to emulate. Since then, she has stepped away from her comfort zone and added wigs, weaves, hair extensions and plenty of colors into her hair routine. Kim has even sparked a bit of controversy with her hair choices, and some people have called her out on cultural appropriation for wearing styles like cornrows and braids. Kim has ignored the critics and continued wearing her hair however she pleases.

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Kim's longtime hairstylist, Chris Appleton, has been in charge of producing  many of her jaw-dropping hair changes. For New York Fashion Week in September 2017, Kim debuted a new hair color and it set the tone for how she'd style it for 2018. To make it edgier, they went for more of a silvery white blonde shade that makes Kim look beyond badass.

The reality star really loves to switch up her hair looks, and when she does, it gets everyone talking. Here's a look at some of her best--and sometimes controversial--hair moments over the years. 

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Her hair also causes controversy. 1

Fans have accused Kim of cultural appropriation in the past when she's been spotted wearing braids and cornrows. The criticism hasn't stopped the reality star from doing so, and she sported long silver braids for one of her makeup campaigns in September 2018.


Kim rocked some lime green hair in Miami. 2

Kim rocked some lime green hair in Miami.

Splash News

She matched the vibrant energy of the city during a trip in August 2018, and even got a bright green Lamborghini to match. 


This perfectly straight bob is everything. 3

Her hair looked so healthy and shiny in this stylish bob she wore during an outing with her beau.

Kim totally loves the wet hair look. 4

One of the first times she sported the hairstyle was at the 2016 Video Music Awards and she hasn't stopped since. She wore it this way for sister Kylie Jenner's 21st birthday party and it looked so sexy!


As much as we love this high ponytail, we can't help but wonder how much it hurt. 5

She wore her hair this way for the launch of her KKW X MARIO makeup collection in April 2018, and it was fierce.

Kim rocked hot pink hair during a trip to Japan with her sisters. 6

The mom of three looked super trendy in the bright hair color and paired it with some futuristic clothes designed by husband, Kanye West.


She was slammed for renaming cornrows. 7

She wore her hair in tight braids and instead of calling them by their proper name, she called the style "Bo Derek" braids based on the actress who wore the same braids in the 1979 film 10.

Kim even shared how to get the color out of her hair with fans. 8

She went from hot pink to a lighter pastel shade with the help of vitamins! She shared this pic in March 2018, and captioned it: "Hair Hack- I crushed up vitamin C and mixed it with shampoo to get the pink color out."


Kim's platinum bob definitely screams 'I'm rich!' 9

She debuted a chic platinum bob haircut for another one of her makeup campaigns along with her mother. Whether or not this is a wig, we can't help but stare at how perfectly straight and clean cut her hair is.

She kicked off 2018 with a short gray haircut. 10

On a closer look, the hair looks more gray and it might be foreshadowing to how Kim will look in the future?


This hair color seems to be her favorite lately. 11

The off-white hair color withdark roots, seems to be a Kim favorite. She wore it in loose, long waves in February 2018.

Kim dressed up as Selena Quintanilla for Halloween and received mixed reactions. 12

While some people were upset that she dressed up as our Tejano queen, others thought she looked fantastic in the costume. Her wig here is so spot on, but maybe more so as Jennifer Lopez dressed up as Selena for the biopic?


Kim went silvery blonde for the fall. 13

Kim went silvery blonde for the fall.


Leave it to Kim to switch up her hair look right on time for the start of NYFW.

Kim just loves dressing up as Cher. 14

The reality TV star has dressed up as Cher on more than one occassion, wearing long, straight, black hair extensions that go down to her lower back, similar to how the singer used to wear her hair back in the day.


Kim just loves her Halloween wigs. 15

Kim dressed up as Madonna one Halloween while sister Kourtney went as Michael Jackson. She wore a short, blonde wig with a glamorous curls. 

It looks like Kim was getting tired of extensions. 16

Earlier this year she surprised us with a sleek lob cut. "Kim and I decided to change up her hair and go for a shorter blunt cut,” her stylist, Chris Appleton, told Glamour. "I love this look. It’s sexy but still dramatic as all of the hair is one length and has that super sharp finish.”


She was sporting butt-length hair for a while. 17

Kim was sporting "Cher hair" for what seemed like forever. It was always worn sleek straight and parted in the middle. 

She looked so hot with ombré hair. 18

Kim revealed that her hairstylist César Ramírez worked on her hair until midnight. "It took time," he said to E! Obviously it was worth it. She looked great.



Sometimes she embraces her natural hair. 19

Sometimes she embraces her natural hair.


Every now and then Kim rocks her natural texture and it always looks amazing. It's too bad she doesn't wear it more natural. 

She's all about that blonde wig life. 20

She's all about that blonde wig life.


 She rocked this during Kanye West's third show for his fashion line in New York in February 2016.


She was obsessed with boxer braids at one point. 21

She has worn boxer braids a lot since having Saint. She swears that it's a hairstyle that allows her to look great while she is busy.

She was working those blonde braids. 22

She was working those blonde braids.

Kim Kardashian

In February 2016, she donned this blonde wig with her now trademark braids.


She always looks stunning with beachy waves. 23

She went for beach waves for a while during her pregnancy with Saint in 2015. It totally suited her. 

A sleek high pony was her thing for a while. 24

She has often said that this is her go-to style. We all have one of those!


She rocked shorter hair for a while. 25

In the spring of 2015, she was looking adorable with short hair.

She surprised us when she went platinum. 26

She surprised us when she went platinum.

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In 2015, Kimmy shocked us all by showing up looking like this at Paris Fashion Week.


She got engaged with beautiful bronde hair. 27

I loved the bronde tones in her hair in this 2013 photo of her engagement to now-husband, Kanye West.


She had her bang phase. 28

She had her bang phase.


In 2012, she was looking young and fresh with these cute bangs.


She's always been about extensions. 29

She's always been about extensions.


Kim was rocking long, thick hair extensions and big, loose waves when she first became famous. It was a big part of her signature style.