This dental floss eyeliner hack will give you the perfect cat-eye

There's a reason why the cat-eye has remained a beauty classic. The genius technique instantly widens eyes and perks up the face. But here's the downside: It's a freaking nightmare to pull off! Finding the most flattering angle at which to draw takes me forever. But now there's a much easier way to master a winged liner all thanks to Makeup By Sugar, who has figured out a fool-proof way to create this using dental floss. Yes, dental floss. 


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Every girl knows that the only thing worse than breaking your umbrella in the rain after getting a fresh blowout, is messing up your cat-eye midway. It's probably the most annoying beauty mistake ever. I'm telling you, I've been late to dates because of this.


Makeup By Sugar posted a video on Instagram about a month ago demonstrating her genius cat-eye hack. She starts off by grabbing a dental floss holder and paints liner onto the actual floss. Then she presses it on her eyelid as though it was an eyeliner stamp, first on the bottom then on top of her eyelid. This helps to outline the wing. The blogger then takes her eyeliner brush and fills in the middle and completes the rest of the line across her eyelid. The results: a perfect cat-eye with no smudge whatsoever. 

Knowing me, I'd probably have to try this hack out a few times before I actually get it down. But I'm guessing a good place to start is by not getting a mint-flavored dental floss, which Makeup By Sugar warns not to use. While this trick is proven to work, you have to have a steady enough hand to pull it off. But it's like they say, practice makes perfect! 

Image via iamsugarcoated/Instagram

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