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It's not every day we get to see our favorite celebrities rock their natural curls. The actresses and singers who usually sport sleek, straight blowouts sometimes show off their naturally curly hair, and they look absolutely stunning. While it is their choice to style their hair however they like, it almost makes us wish they would rock this look more often both on-screen and in real life. Either way, it is always great to see a famous lady confidently wearing her beautiful head of natural hair.

There has been such a huge wave of women who are accepting their curls and not falling for the pressures of always having to wear their hair sleek and straight. While there's nothing wrong with straight hair, embracing our natural beauty comes with the most liberating feeling.

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Shakira is one star who has been known to really adore her curls, and it's almost rare to see her with a blowout these days. When she's onstage, she shakes her mane of blonde curls, and it adds a little something special to her shows. Other stars like Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez have been rocking their curls proudly, and it makes us love our own even more. 

Sometimes it's good to give our hair a rest from all the heat damage and let our original textures run free. Celebrities who share pics of themselves and their curls definitely inspire us to do the same. Here's a look a few other celebs who aren't afraid to rock their curls!

Shakira has never been afraid to sport her curls. 1

It’s practically become a part of her signature look. She started off with dark black hair and slowly made the transition into blonde, curly locks that make her look more youthful than ever.


Khloé Kardashian looks incredible with curls. 2

The Kardashians tend to add extensions to their hair, but this full head of curls really works on Khloé. It definitely suits her. 


Daisy Fuentes' selfies leave us in awe. 3

Her natural curly hair makes her look so fresh and youthful! She paired her natural hair with a fresh face in this selfie, and it was stunning.

Jennifer Lopez's "Shades of Blue" curls are everything. 4

Jennifer Lopez's

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Those rizos really bring out her facial features. The best part of seeing her in this role was that it reminded us of her earlier days as an actress.


Mariah Carey likes to switch back and forth between straight and curly styles. 5

But nothing compares to those naturally gorgeous curls. Being out in the water and in the sun makes our natural hair shine through, and that was the case for Mariah in this pic.


Kerry Washington is all about her curls these days. 6

Kerry Washington is all about her curls these days.

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She showed off her naturally curly 'fro on both a recent episode of Scandal and in a selfie with her costar, Tony Goldwyn. We're hoping we get to see more of her curls moving forward, because they look fabulous!


Selena Gomez surprised us when she started wearing her hair wavy. 7

She has such a great head of hair, and she kills any style that she tries. But her natural waves and curls really look amazing on her.

Ariana Grande showed us what's under that ponytail. 8

The world is used to seeing Ariana wearing long extensions and a high ponytail--it's become something she is known for. But she made us all fall in love when she showed fans her natural, curly hair. It made us wonder why she doesn't wear it like this more often.


Halle Berry left us all in awe with her curls at the 2017 Oscars. 9

Halle Berry left us all in awe with her curls at the 2017 Oscars.

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The 50-year-old actress showed off a head of curls that straight-haired girls only dream of at the 2017 Academy Awards. But what a lot of people didn't know was that those rizos weren't a wig or even styled--those were Berry's natural curls!

"She wanted to go with a natural beauty kind of vibe," celebrity stylist Castillo told Popsugar at the time. "It's a big night, so she wanted to do something different, something that she's never really done on the red carpet before."

Nothing gets us more excited than to see a celeb rock and embrace her natural curls. Castillo applied MOP C- Curl Defining Cream ($22) from roots to ends to hydrate and define the curls. For a polished look, Castillo wrapped sections of hair around the T3 Twirl Convertible Curling Iron ($185). 

Dascha Polanco's natural curls are everything. 10

She is such a natural beauty and can do no wrong in our eyes. We just wish she rocked them like this more often! 


Camila Alves usually wears her hair styled straight or in loose waves. 11

But she’s been rocking her natural curls a lot more frequently, ever since she was in Rio, Brazil, for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Maybe being home inspired her?

Salma Hayek doesn’t usually wear her hair natural. 12

But when she does, it looks stunning. She has loose waves more so than curls, but they definitely flatter her face and make her look so radiant.


Taylor Swift stole America's heart with her curls and her guitar. 13

Taylor Swift stole America's heart with her curls and her guitar.

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She started her career as a country singer with big, blonde, curly hair. Her hair has evolved just as much as her music has over the years, and although she doesn't wear it curly anymore, fans will always remember this Taylor. 

Yaya De Costa’s curls are always on point. 14

And she loves experimenting with different updos. She is proof that curls are elegant and gorgeous, and they're something to wear proudly on and off the red carpet.


Blake Lively is an absolute beauty. 15

Blake Lively is an absolute beauty.

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Whenever she wears her curly hair, she looks like the true California girl she is. She absolutely glowed when she walked the red carpet in 2019 wearing a bright yellow dress, a baby bump, and a full head of curls.

Aymée Nuviola has enough curls to share. 16

The Cuban actress and singer has the kind of mane that should be praised. Look at that full head of beautiful curls!


Sarah Hyland loves to show off her beach waves. 17

Her natural texture is always on full display when she's at the beach. The Modern Family actress proudly shows off her wet curls, and they look so good on her.

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