This is why you need to use micellar water on your hair

If you're as obsessed with skincare as I am, chances are you're already using (or have at least heard of) micellar water. I love this stuff. Not only does it deeply cleanse my oily and sensitive skin, but it also leaves it smooth, soft and instantly refreshed. I've seen such a difference in my complexion since I added it to my beauty regimen. Well, apparently this stuff does wonders on your hair too. Let me explain.


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We may not realize it but our scalps accumulate a lot. Think about it. Between our hair products, tap water, and environmental stressors, that's a ton of build-up right there. Which is why it's so crucial to properly cleanse your scalp, but clarifying cleansers or even regular shampoos can be harsh on our scalps and strands--especially on wavy or curly hair. That's where micellar water comes into play.

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DevaCurl's new Buildup Buster is the first of its kind and here's why you NEED to try it! "Micellar water allows you to remove all the buildup you have in your hair, but in the most gentle way possible, so you can get a deep clean but maintain your curl's moisture balance so it won't dry them out," says Brand Manager for Product Development at DevaCurl, Bari Strohmenger. And it doesn't just work on curly hair either.

"DevaCurl's new Buildup Buster works on all hair textures," says Strohmenger. "The amount you use really depends on how much buildup you have. We recommend replacing your usual cleanser with Buildup Buster once a week or once a month, depending on your amount of buildup or when you feel like you need to press the reset button on your hair." 

So how does this thing work? It's pretty simple actually. Strohmenger recommends using the pointed tip to target your scalp and areas where you've accumulated the most buildup. Then massage it all over the scalp, mid-lengths, and ends of your hair. Strohmenger also suggests to continue scrubbing your scalp even while you're rinsing it out, to make sure all the product gets out. Then follow with conditioner and a moisturizing treatment or leave-in to lock in moisture. 

It's not out yet so stayed tuned or sign up for early access here and get ready to slay! 


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