Kim Kardashian rocks a crazy new nail trend that's totally not mom friendly

kim kardashianKim Kardashian has been keeping her look pretty low-key lately. The KUWTK star has been seen in baggy jeans and loose tops, but you'll be wrong to believe her beauty routine isn't high maintence. The 36-year-old star recently showed off a new nail trend that looks freaky and totally not mom friendly. What is this?! I really hope other people don't follow suit.


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Kim shared this Snapchat video of her new hoop-pierced nails and is heard saying, "Khloe would be so proud of me right now." I assume Khloe is the on the nail vanguard. But imagine asking for a Kardashian manicure and getting this! To Kim's credit, they do look like fake nails, but I'm not understanding how these work.

Now, here are some practical questions. How can you wipe down there? Or, you know, do mom stuff? There's no way you can even wipe your own baby's behind with these weird hoops attached to long nails. How about just handling your kids. How do you do anything with those pierced hoops on your nails?

No mom wants to be caught on things or be prevented from taking care of business. Kim, don't be fooled. Even if Khloe loves this look, I hope she completes her proper sisterly duty of telling you these look insane and serve no purpose. 

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