Why wire nails are the manicure of the future & you need to try it NOW

We've seen some pretty dope nail art before but nothing like the new "wire nails" trend. The sculptural 3-D designs look like something straight out of a sci-fi film -- only prettier. Founder of Unistella salon, Eun Kyung Park is the genius mastermind behind this work of art. This thing is literally created using tiny gold wire and makes any other manicure seem so basic. 


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What's the inspiration behind this innovative design? According to Park, it's actually a nod to the art of the neon sign. "When you make neon signs, you have to bend the wires to make certain lettering," she told Marie Claire. "It's one long wire that's bent to create and connect the letters. I thought this was really cool and since nails are an accessory, I wanted it to be used for expression. Like rings." 

She uses a super thin wire and creates the shapes using a pair of tweezers. The designs consist of everything from cute half-moons to small accents, even renditions of human faces – very Picasso-esque! Clear nail polish is placed on the designed wires and then dried under UV light. She finishes it off with a top gel coat to secure it in place, resulting in the chicest minimalist nail look you've ever seen. 

"Since it's a wire, you have to make sure the sharp end has a nice finish so it doesn't get caught in clothes," Park adds. Makes sense!

This isn't the first time Unistella salon's designs breaks the internet. They made headlines back in 2015 with their glass nail designs and then again with the bracelet manicure in 2016. But this is by far the coolest nail look we've seen yet. Best part is you don't have to worry about chipped polish. 

Our only concern though is how exactly do you take this thing off? 


Image via nail_unistella/Instagram

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