This new plastic surgery trend is all about your breasts but it makes NO sense!

The things some women are willing to change in order to meet today's so-called beauty standards really bugs me. I'd like to see the day when we focus on what's right about our bodies rather than what's wrong. The latest body obsession apparently is with our nipples--true story! According to the Plastic Surgery Group's predictions for 2017's hottest cosmetic trends, women are going to be getting a lot more surgeries on their nipples this year and the reason behind this is absolutely INSANE!


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According to The Plastic Surgery Group, 30 percent of women are getting plastic surgery to reduce the size of their nipples. Why you ask? Apparently big nipples are no longer in and everyone wants to rock tinier ones. Um, sure because that makes so much sense, right?

"We found that patients with smaller-sized nipples rated [higher] in attractiveness than those with larger nipples," consultant plastic surgeon Mo Akhavani said in a press release. The nipples that were ranked most attractive and "just right" in size, only occupied about 25 to 30 percent of the breasts.  

"Clearly the results of our survey demonstrate that a single nipple size is not appropriate for all women and the nipple diameter should be adjusted so that it is 25 to 30 percent of the breast width. There is also a modern trend towards smaller nipples,' Akhavani added. 

Small nipples are apparently the preference these days--but seriously, who cares? Boobs are boobs and nipples are nipples. They're beautiful no matter what, and it's crazy that so many of us think we need to change them in order for them to be considered "attractive." Not to mention, beauty trends change. Small nipples rule now and big nipples might easily become a thing next year. Embrace what you got, save your money, and please keep it moving!

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