The silicone Evie Blender sponge will change your beauty routine

Something is definitely happening in the sponge makeup applicator world. It seems like everyone is trying to outdo the cult-favorite and classic beautyblender. You know that wonderful egg-shaped sponge that's designed to flawlessly blend in makeup? It's no wonder so many makeup artists swear by it. But now there's a new product that's trying to hit the beauty scene and it's called the Evie Blender. Apparently this hypoallergenic, glittery silicone is what we've been waiting our entire lives for!


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Silicone seems to be the future of makeup sponges these days, and it makes total sense. Wetting a regular sponge or even the sponge-y beautyblender can result in wasting product. But unlike a sponge, a silicone blender won't absorb or waste product. It's also crazy easy to clean! 

The Evie Blender is supposed to help makeup adhere to your face without wasting product. It brilliantly combines both silicone and the blending benefits of the classic beautyblender. It also contains awesome glitter on the inside, so it's cute without leaving sparkles on your face. 

A photo posted by Evie Blender (@evieblender) on

A photo posted by Evie Blender (@evieblender) on

But before you take out your credit card, you should know that this product isn't actually available yet. In fact, it's already raised $43,944 on their KickStarter page to help fund the product.

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But don't be bummed out. They already surpassed their goal of $28,000, meaning this this will actually be available for retail soon. Plus, if you actually donate at least $28 you'll receive a first edition Evie Blender during the first wave of shipments in March--YAS!

We're getting on this ASAP!

Image via evieblender/Instagram

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