Selena Gomez poses in a thong for a photoshoot

selena gomezSelena Gomez is back in a big way. After taking a brief hiatus to work on her mental health, Selenita has recently resurfaced with a new man (The Weeknd) and a sexy new photo on Instagram. In a photoshoot with celebrity photographer Mert Alas, Gomez showed off her figure in a little bitty thong. That's it. The photo will leave you speechless. 


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The 24-year-old is seen staring at the mirror like a true diva. She's rocking hoop earrings, wet hair, and is covering her body with a blanket. The photographer is seen taking a picture with his phone. He shared the image on his social media with the caption, "Beauty and the beast." 

It's unclear what the photoshoot was for. Gomez is the face for Pantene and Coach, but this photoshoot seems a little too sexy for those brands. While Gomez can do no wrong in our eyes, many fans became enraged by this photo since the Latina star was preaching a totally different message for her American Music Awards acceptance speech. "I don't want to see your bodies on Instagram. I want to see what's in here," she said. Many followers posted her quote to point to the hypocrisy. 

I don't see the issue here since Alas shared the photo on his account and not Gomez. Also, Gomez is allowed to do whatever she wants with her body. Maybe she was feeling herself that day or she had enough of a break from Instagram that she misses showing some skin. 

The star was also recently unfollowed by The Weeknd's ex girlfriend Bella Hadid. In my eyes, that's just stupid high school stuff. Gomez and The Weeknd are both single and allowed to mingle.

Now, let's stop and just admire the beauty that is Gomez. 2017 is hers for the taking! 

Image via Splash