Kylie Jenner spotted with thinner lips & THIS might be why

Kylie Jenner's famous lips always seem to be a topic of conversation. It all started when she first debuted her noticeably plumper pout. The drastic difference was so obvious that she eventually came clean about getting lip fillers. But at Sunday night's Golden Globes, Kylie's lips had folks talking for an entirely different reason. Her lips were significantly thinner. So much so, that her upper lip almost looked like how her lips used to look before fillers.


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Kylie Jenner has gone through a drastic physical transformation. There's no denying that. Everything about her appearance has changed from her nose shape, face shape, body shape, and, of course, lip size. In the past two years or so, Kylie has looked more like Kim than herself. But the only procedure she's admitted to is lip fillers. The young entrepreneur and reality TV star claims that bullying and low self-esteem played a huge role in her decision to plump her pout, which is why we were shocked to see her sporting thinner lips and a much more natural look at the Golden Globes Sunday night.


Take a good look at Kylie's Golden Globes look and you'll notice a much softer makeup look. Kylie's makeup artist Ariel Tejada left her with a smooth complexion, pink cheeks, a soft pink gloss on lips and lots of false lashes. Her lips were even smaller in size, especially the top one which almost reminded us of Kylie's post-filler lips.

We have a few theories about this. For starters, lip fillers don't last forever. It's not permanent like a nose job. They eventually dissolve and need to be retouched every couple of months. But it's also a new year, which might mean Kylie is opting for an entirely new style. 

Her beauty look has definitely been softer since the new year and she's also seems to take a lot of beauty and style inspiration from her older sister Kim Kardashian. She's practically turned into a 19-year-old version of her showing off bodycon dresses and a much more curvaceous bod. But Kim has also been keeping her makeup minimal and clothes casual since her traumatic robbery.  

It's funny because Kylie for the past few weeks has ALSO been seen rocking casual clothes that consists of ripped jeans, hoodies and baseball caps.

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So it makes sense that she'd complete the look with soft makeup. I'm just saying. But then again she did recently delete the photo of her smaller lips at the Golden Globes from Instagram. So who knows. Will she do away with lip fillers all together? Probably not.

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