Women are shoving splints up their nostrils to fake a nose job & OMG

The things some women are willing to do all in the name of beauty are kind of cray. Take the new "nose lifter" trend for instance. For the girl who can't afford or is too afraid to go under the knife for a nose job, they can now squeeze a tiny splint of soft PVC plastic to reshape their nostrils or the tip of their nose. But before I go on, you NEED to see the video of how this thing works. It's the most painful, uncomfortable thing I've ever seen. I almost passed out watching it--true story!


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Nose jobs are expensive. I get it. But the nose lifter trend is just insane. For WAY less than it would cost you to go under the knife, the nose lifter supposedly brings impressive results. All you have to do is take a tiny plastic splint and shove it up your nostrils and voilà--your nose looks thinner! Think tension rod but for your nose.

It's crazy uncomfortable and bloggers even admit it. So much so, that it's recommended that you only wear it for an hour at a time during the first week. Um, what is even the point?

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that anything you shove up your nose is probably not good for you. Sure, it's cheaper, but is it worth it? According to plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Neinstein -- it's not! In fact, he thinks it's quite dangerous. 

While the "nose lifter" and similar devices before it may be able to provide a temporary change in the appearance of the nose, it can have several consequences," says plastic surgeon Dr. Neinsten. "First, the device may dislodge and go down the throat becoming a foreign body causing an airway obstruction which could be fatal. These devices also pose infection risks since they are foreign material. A concern I would have would be warping of normal anatomy. Cartilage is malleable and if a persistent force was applied to the cartilages in the nose,  it could change its shape which could lead to unknown consequences once the device was no longer in use.  If you are interested in changing the shape of your nose or are having breathing difficulties, I would suggest seeing a board certified plastic or facial plastic surgeon." 

 Another thing I noted was that the results aren't natural-looking. One blogger did it on her YouTube channel and I thought her nose looked a lot better before applying the splint. In fact, after the splint her nose looked like she had stuffed something up there. It was stiff and kind of strange-looking. It almost has that same effect your nose has when you squeeze it with a clothespin. 

My advice: Don't do it, ladies. 

Image via Raiza Contawi/Instagram

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