Kim Kardashian gets makeup applied even on her butt & you have to see it

It's official: Kim Kardashian is back and she's totally back to her old ways. You know, the usual TMI social media posts and applying makeup in places we didn't even know you could apply makeup to. In fact, Kim's makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic shared a series of photos of him applying makeup to Kim's butt and the rest of her lower body--and we're just hella confused. 


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In the photos, we see Dedivanoic touching up Kim's butt (and maybe her vagina?) with body makeup and it's pretty interesting to say the least. "You thought I only worked on the face?" Dedivanovic captioned one of the photos.

In each picture he is seen evening out Kim's skin tone using body makeup and while her legs do look super glowing and amazing, we're not sure we're on board with having makeup applied to our booties and vagina. Seriously, won't that get kind of messy under clothes? Just saying.

But here's one thing we noticed: These pics, though they were released now on Dedivanovic's Instagram and Kim's website, aren't actually new. The pictures were actually taken in preparation for last year's VMAs. Remember when she rocked that wavy wet hair look?

If you're wondering why Kim always looks so perfectly glowy from head to toe, apparently this is why. This is what really goes on before a red carpet event. 

Next thing you know, we'll be hearing that she contours her butt, too. Oh, wait, she already does that. 

Image via Splash News

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