Chiquis Rivera/Instagram

Chiquis Rivera is beautiful, there's no denying it. The Latina star is all about spreading positive energy to her fans, but even more than that, she inspires us to embrace our natural beauty. She often walks the red carpet looking absolutely glamorous and serving some incredible makeup looks, but she also loves to show her best side in makeup-free selfies. 

While there's absolutely no shame in loving makeup and getting glammed up, being confident in yourself enough to show the world exactly how you are with no filter or without layers of foundation takes courage. We admire that  Chiquis often shares photos of herself showing off her incredibly clear skin and has no problem giving her fans a glimpse at her real self.

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If you follow Chiquis on Instagram, you know she often shows off her makeup-free looks with all of the confidence. She sometimes even captions the pics using her real name, Janney, which is her basically saying that she feels most like herself when her face is bare.

The singer is also super serious about skincare and about making sure her skin stays flawless with the best products, and it shows! One look at her selfies is proof that she has the most incredible complexion, which also helps her look radiant without a drop of makeup. It's important for her young followers to see her as she is and that will encourage them to love themselves as they are, without the need for filters, beauty products or any editing. Chiquis is teaching us what self-love looks like, one cosmetics-free selfie at a time. Scroll through to take a look at her best natural looks ever. 

--Additional reporting by Sugey Palomares

Chiquis showed off her porcelain skin in this makeup-free selfie. 1

We really need her to drop her skincare routine because her skin is fantastic and we need ours to look like that as soon as possible.


Chiquis posted this while recovering from surgery. 2

No one in the history of the world has ever looked THIS good after a medical emergency  and without makeup. 


Chiquis knows how to rock the no makeup look. 3

We might not always want to go out into the world with our bare faces, but there's nothing big sunglasses and a stylish hat can't conceal. 

Chiquis rocked a bare face while partying out in Las Vegas. 4

Chiquis knows that there's no point in wearing makeup when you're going to be out by the pool and in the sun. We do hope she's wearing some strong SPF!


Chiquis shared a makeup-free selfie with her little sister, Jenicka, for her birthday. 5

Chiquis loves to keep it simple and makeup-free while at the airport and this pic is proof. 


Even her eyebrows are on point when she has no makeup on. 6

Chiquis shared this bed selfie on Labor Day 2018 and captioned it: " I’m out here working, but grateful to be doing so. Tired, but hopeful."


The singer reminded us all what she looks like in the morning. 7

She captioned this radiant snap "I woke up like this," and we cannot handle all this natural beauty.

She knows the importance of letting your skin breathe during flights. 8

This makeup-free airpot look shows us that Chiquis knows that flying can take a toll on the skin so wearing an type of cosmetics is a big no-no.


Chiquis and her sisters left the makeup behind for a video. 9

The three sisters were promoting a skincare line and looked super confident without a single drop of makeup.

Chiquis threw on a splash of color on her lips for this selfie. 10

While she has a bit of lipstick on, it's impossible to deny how perfect her skin is without any foundation on. She's skin goals, for sure!


She showed off her natural beauty while she cheering for Mexico during the 2018 World Cup. 11

While she was decked out in all Mexico soccer gear, fans flooded her Instagram comments section to tell her just how beautiful she looked in this all-natural selfie.

Chiquis knows how to get down and dirty. 12

The singer left her glam at home and looked totally cool on top of an all-terrain vehicle.


She soaked up some rays on her clean skin. 13

She captioned the adorable pic: "Simply... Janney."

While promoting an upcoming concert, Chiquis addressed her fans without makeup on while in bed. 14

She doesn't need makeup at all! 


Chiquis is all about celebrating natural beauty. 15

She shared this collage with the caption, "Confidence is sexy." She's right!

Chiquis slays at getting the best natural lighting for selfies. 16

What a beauty! 


This make-up free selfie shows a bit of attitude. 17

She's serving up a lot of personality. Chiquis was also hinting that she was traveling to an undisclosed place to "disconnect, rest and reflect." Works for us!

Chiquis knows that a makeup-free photo is all about the pose, too. 18

Did she wake up like this? Probably!


Chiquis has naturally radiant skin. 19

She looks happy and is glowing!

Chiquis shared this photo right before bedtime. 20

She uses her Diamond Skin Care line to get her skin this perfect.


While in Rome in 2016, Chiquis was touring the streets with no makeup. 21

I mean, this is the way to do it when you're on vacation. What a beauty!

Chiquis also loves to get messy without makeup on. 22

She ran a mud run and owned it! She meant business. 


Chiquis is seriously perfect without a drop of foundation. 23

This is such a flawless photo! She doesn't need much makeup at all. 

Chiquis shared this cute selfie with her sister Jenicka making a silly face in the background. 24

These girls are as real as it gets! 


Chiquis does love to pucker up while she takes makeup-free videos and photos. 25

It's not easy being this pretty, but she manages to be just fine.

Chiquis shared the flower crown filter photo and looked beautiful without makeup. 26

This is how we should all pose. Less makeup and more confidence is all we need.