Little girl encourages dad while he styles her hair & it's the cutest EVER

There's something about seeing a father attempting to style his daughter's hair that really warms our hearts. We've seen a few videos of this surface before, but the latest to go viral is one of a dad trying to brush his little girl's curly hair into pigtails. Seeing the 3-year-old cheer her dad on is probably the sweetest part of it all. Check it out!


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"How am I doing on your hair? Let's see, do I need some more grease?" he asks her. This is when things start to get really adorable. "Yes," she responds. "You need more grease on there, then you need to brush it, then you need a band on it." But wait, she doesn't just give him directions. She also makes sure to cheer him on. 

"You're getting it through! You're almost done – you're doing a good job," she tells him excitedly. His face lights up and he says: "Thank you so much sweetheart. Daddy's trying to do the best I can." But it doesn't stop there. He keeps going. "You're so encouraging to dad. I really appreciate you so much. You're so awesome."

We have to admit: These kinds of videos literally get us every time. And that's because dads don't often get praise or recognition for doing their daughter's hair. It's nice to see one not only do it, but receive so much love and encouragement from his own daughter.

This video is not only a testament to the importance of fatherhood but it proves how crucial father-daughter bonding really is. We might just look at this as an aww-inducing moment, but this will mean so much more than that to his little girl. She may not fully understand it now, but one day she'll look back at this and will be able to see how doing hair was just one of the many ways her daddy showed her love. Kudos to all the dads out there who aren't afraid to do a little combing, brushing, and styling for their little princesses. Trust us--they'll thank you later!

Image via YouTube

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