Girl's painful face mask disaster is so crazy it hurts

Cachet Raynor experienced one of my biggest beauty nightmares. The MD resident was probably just trying to clear out some black heads and get her skin glowy. But what started off as a normal beauty ritual, literally resulted in more pain than your monthly Brazilian wax. Warning: This might make you cringe. 


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Raynor is just a girl looking to have beautiful, flawless skin without having to spend $100 or more for it. She's really no different from the rest of us, which is why when I heard she used the PIL'ATEN Suction Black Mask, which costs $6, I couldn't judge. We're living in a time where cheaper products don't necessarily mean poor results. But after watching Raynor's horrifying Twitter video, I can't help but want to be more cautious with my online beauty shopping moving forward.

Raynor's experience is traumatizing to say the least.  It looked like something out of a horror movie. Raynor is seen screaming and cursing, all while desperately attempting to peel off a black face mask that remains stuck to her skin. It doesn't matter how slow she tries to go, the mask still hurts and you can see the pain in her watering eyes. I don't think I've ever cringed and laughed this much at the same time in my entire life. Are peel-offs usually this hard to take off?

"Normally, peel-off masks will stick to the skin similar to an adhesive to remove and unclog pores with a gel-like substance," says dermatologist and laser surgeon, Dr. Brian Zelickson. "The masks should come off with some tugging and should not be painful or difficult like the experience Cachet Raynor had."

But even if you don't have Raynor's experience, peel-off masks like the ones she used, can still result in damaging side effects. "The pulling can remove layers of skin, leading to the possibility of developing abrasions and irritation which could lead to scarring and hyperpigmentation," says Dr. Zelickson. "A safer way to achieve the "benefits" of a peel-off mask would be using a skin clearing cleanser on a daily basis." The chances of experiencing hyperpigmentation are even higher for women with darker skin tones. "Their skin is more prone to discoloration if the mask causes inflammation," he adds.

With all that said, I can't help but notice the radiant skin Raynor showed off after finally being able to remove the mask. But are peel-off masks even worth it?

"Peel-off masks tend to be rich in antioxidants for the skin and will remove blackheads with one use," Dr. Zelickson says. "This can result in instantly brighter and revitalized skin. However, those with sensitive skin should avoid using these masks."

As much as I love having unclogged pores and bright skin, I think I'm going to pass on peel-off masks. 

Image via Cachet/Twitter 


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