Summer is almost over, but we're still not ready to give up our bright-colored clothes and summer-ready makeup. Luckily, our favorite celebs have been rocking some gorgeous looks this summer--and it's definitely not too late to steal some of the best ones! Check out these 10 celebs and get ready to feel glam from end-of-summer and into fall.

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Image via ddlovato/Instagram

Adriana Lima's Dramatic Red Lip 1

It's hard to argue with a simple red lip when it looks like this, but coupled with her dewy skin and cat eye... Well, is it date night yet?


Jennifer Lopez's Gorgeous Lashes 2

Jennifer Lopez's Gorgeous Lashes

Image via jlo/Instagram

There's something really special about a simple makeup look, like JLo's smoky brown, coupled with some SUPER gorgeous eyelashes. POW!


Demi Lovato's Nude Lip 3

Demi Lovato's Nude Lip

Image via ddlovato/Instagram

Whether you pair it with a dramatic smokey eye like Demi or with a much simpler eye look, the nude lip is perfect for an end-of-summer night out.

Gina Rodriguez's Subtle Glam 4

Sometimes all it takes is a REALLY subtle look to make you feel like a million pesos. Here, Gina Rodriguez exemplifies that sometimes simplicity is key.


Gisele Bündchen's Golden Eye 5

Gisele Bündchen's Golden Eye

Image via gisele/Instagram

She may be the world's most beautiful woman, but don't let that intimidate you! Steal her golden eye look and you'll feel pretty gorgeous.


Daisy Fuentes' "No Makeup" Look 6

She may look like she's wearing nothing at all, but we all know that this look takes hours. Still, what is better than an easy and casual "no makeup"?


Angelique Boyer's Summer Glow 7

Sometimes all you need for a summer look is a truly healthy glow. If you don't have it or don't want to tan, fake it with some bronzer.

Karla Martinez's Orange Lips 8

Red is always a classic, but an orange lip is simply perfect for summer's end. Take in the last little bit of citrus and sunshine with this fun and flirty look.


Elizabeth Gutierrez's Pink Hues 9

Whether it's some pink on the lips, on the cheeks or even subtly in your eyeshadow (or all three!), take a cue from Ely and THINK PINK.

Ximena Navarrete's Perfect Contour 10

Ximena Navarrete's Perfect Contour

Image via ximenanr/Instagram

Take a cue from the former Miss Universe and contour your face. Whether you opt for emphasizing your eyes, lips or cheeks, a contour is sure to give you that extra special glow.