WATCH: Blogger glues hair from her head to make thicker eyebrows & OMG

I'm blown away by how creative beauty YouTubers can be when it comes to their makeup looks. After the highlighter challenge and the crazy 100 layers of makeup tutorial, I thought I had seen it all. That is before I stumbled upon Stephanie Lange's DIY eyebrow video. The girl used her hair to make thicker Cara Delevingne-esque brows. It's nuts!


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"I have pretty thin, sparse brows," Lange says at the beginning or her tutorial. She  then goes to say, "I used to have pretty thick, nice healthy brows when I was a teenager but like most teenagers, I over-plucked them so much that they now no longer grow back." I get it, but still.

Apparently she's tried everything from brow tattooing and "everything else there is" which probably includes filling in her brows with pencils, gels, and powders. But the results were never as natural-looking as Lange would have liked. So instead of resulting to the same ol', Lange came up with the genius idea of trimming her hair and gluing them on her face. I told you this was nuts.

Lange starts off by literally trimming the ends of her hair, while catching them in a tiny white tray. She then applied the hairs onto her eyebrows using a pair of tweezers and Ardell Lash Tite Adhesive eyelash glue. I'm not going to lie, the results were not bad at all. And the idea itself, though crazy, makes perfect sense. After all, eyebrow extensions do exist.

But here's the problem: Lange doesn't let us in on how long these pelitos actually stayed on her face. We don't know if showering got in the way, or how we could cover those not-so-cute glue flakes -- you know for if we actually decide to try this. So while this might seem wonderful in theory, it's not exactly the most practical thing to try yourself at home. I'm also curious to know how her hair looks after she trimmed it off for this video. 

Image via YouTube

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