mermaid makeupBeauty trends come and go, but sometimes it's the crazy looks that make a lasting impression. This year, plenty of unique and strange beauty trends have taken over social media. Mermaid makeup is one of those looks that just leaves me wondering, why? Check out other loco looks all in the name of beauty. 

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Image via MoniRoseMua/Instagram

Mermaid makeup 1

Mermaid makeup

Images via MoniRoseMua/Instagram

Mermaid lovers, rejoice! This serena look is achieved by placing a net over your face and dusting with eyeshadows. I mean, this is great for Halloween, but not daily wear! 


Glitter tears 2

Glitter tears

Image via BryyyKayyy/Instagram

Glitter tears may be perfect for fairies, but it's just creepy in real life. Walking around in public like this is just wrong. 


Thermal highlighting 3

Thermal highlighting

Image via Jadirah Sarmad/Instagram

Thermal highlighting is an artistic take on the J.Lo glow. It's cool, but not cute enough to leave the house like this. 

Polish mountains 4

Polish mountains

Image via Polish Mountain/Instagram

Got hours in a day to spare? Probably not, but it takes up to 6 hours to create polish mountains with multiple layers like this one. Insanity! 


Colored freckles 5

Colored freckles

Image via Eliotte Mua/Instagram

I'm all about embracing your freckles. Hey, I have a face full of them, but I'll never color them like this. What the hell? 


Clown contouring 6

Clown contouring

Image via Raquel Araujo/Instagram


This is contouring with extra silliness. Hey, it seems to work, though. 


Layered lipstick 7

Layered lipstick

Image via Elegant Beauty Supplies/Instagram

Now lips are ombre too. Whatever happened to just applying one lipstick?! 

Glitter roots 8

Glitter roots

Image via Turquesa Beauty/Instagram

As if glitter wasn't a pain to get rid of, people have come up with throwing a bunch on top of their roots--because it looks cute. I guess? 


Booty contouring 9

Booty contouring

Image via Aishwarya.ajit/Instagram

If God didn't bless you with a Kim Kardashian booty, you can just contour one. This is crazier than contouring abs!

Multicolored hair 10

Multicolored hair

Image via Thehairshopnewquay/Instagram

Yes the '90s trend is back! I mean, I understand one or two shades, but why so many?