Sofia Vergara struggles with insecurities just like you & me

Sofia Vergara might be one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood but even she struggles with her fair share of insecurities. After all, she is human. She opened up about some of the difficulties she's encountered with living up to today's beauty standards, her insecurities, and how this all played a role in creating her beauty business. 


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"I think it's so hard, not just for me, but for every woman," Vergara told People. "Now with the social media and all the craziness with the internet … you see how women look everywhere in the world. It's very overwhelming."

As a result of all the pressure, it hasn't been easy for Vergara who recently celebrated her 44th birthday to come to terms with aging. She admits that she's not "happy about getting older," but becoming more "accepting" of it.

So if you thought you were the only one who struggles with physical insecurities, think again. We all go through it and that includes stunning celebs like Vergara. 

"Oh, I should exercise more. Should I eat less? Should I cook more greens? Should I put more makeup on?" Vergara added regarding all the pressure she endures on a regular basis. "It's a lot. My niece Daniella, she's 22, and I tell her it's not about competing with anyone; just try to be the best that you can. Try to be the sexiest that you can, the most beautiful as you can."

Vergara admits that it's these same beauty standards that inspired her to start her own beauty business. Her latest fragrance launch is all about "being sexy and feeling sexy."

"I am a product person," she said. "I'm like, crazy. I love creams, make-up and perfumes. I try everything all the time. Women are always asking me, 'What do you do with your hair? Who colors it? What is that perfume? What is that lipstick? What is that shoe? That's how I got the idea that I can create a business and, at the same time, make it easier for women and girls."

So the next time you find yourself being hard on your looks, remember you're not alone. We all go through it. 

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