With the summer heat still hitting us hard, our hair is simply a big mess. An even bigger question is--how do we take care of our little girl's hair AND our own? In comes the 5-year-old mini hairstylist named Magnolia who has taken Instagram by storm. With her 8 cutest looks, you can find inspiration and your niña might appreciate it, too!

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Image via Confessionsofaminihairstylist/Instagram

Milk maid braids 1

A perfect little hairstyle for the blonde cutie, this one's much simpler than it looks and totally achievable for chicas of any age.


Rope braid pigtails 2

Perfect for your little ones, this classier take on pigtails is totally what you'll want them to wear to the next BBQ party.


Messy curly bun 3

It's hard not to fall in love with this messy bun style, and it's enough to make us jealous and want to re-create it ourselves.

Simple pigtails 4

Calling back to our days of childhood, it's fun to see pigtails on our daughters. Even abuelita can appreciate!


Easy flower bun 5

For a truly unique hairstyle, a flower bun is perfect for your cousin's quinceañera or mami's big fancy holiday dinner.

Infinity braid 6

For the girl that wants to be a little mermaid, this beautiful braid is just what they're wanting. Seriously, who can resist?


Dutch braid 7

For a beautiful Elsa-inspired braid with a little height at the front, celebrate the holiday season with this unique and oh-so-pretty look.

Braided bun 8

A simple bun or a simple braid? Why not combine them for a unique look that every chiquita in your family will adore.