We've all been guilty of it one time or another. Those makeup brushes we forgot to clean last...month. Makeup safety doesn't seem so important until our skin has broken out or we have an infection. But it's much easier to take care of your makeup bag than you think. Here are 7 things that COULD be making you sick – and what to do about it. 

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Lipstick 1


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Officially, lipstick lasts only 18 months – even if it still looks fine years later. To test if it's fine, make sure that there is no change in color or consistency, and that your lipstick doesn't smell funny. In order to preserve it longer, keep it in the fridge and make sure to wipe off the top layer before applying it on again.


Eyeliner 2


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Although it's easy to clean your favorite eye pencil by just sharpening it, or even spraying it with some sanitizing mist, they can still cause problems. They can cause infections since they're being used so close to your eye, so stay safe by not applying any liner to your inner lash line and replacing the pencil every 18 months.


Foundation 3


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Officially, foundation lasts only 12 months. But if you're a daily user (and thus dipping your fingers into it constantly), you should really replace it after 6 months. Both liquid and mineral foundation can cause issues, and you should go see your dermatologist if you find it causing you any sort of skin irritation.

Makeup Brushes 4

Makeup Brushes

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These carry the MOST germs, since you're putting them all over the face constantly. Most of us only wash them every 4 weeks, but that is NOT enough. Wash and sanitize them regularly, then store them in a germ-free case. And remember: do not blow makeup OFF your brush, since you're actually blowing additional germs on it!


Mascara 5


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Most of us don't ever think about replacing our mascara every 4 months and don't mind sharing it with friends, which we shouldn't do. Letting your mascara last longer, and thus build up bacteria, could pose a serious risk to the most sensitive part of your face – your eyes! Replace frequently since it is not worth the risk.


Glitter 6

If you're a glitter addict, there is nothing wrong with that – except, of course, that grains of glitter can be really risky for your sensitive eyeballs. Through application and wear, glitter can fall into your eyes and cause irritation or even corneal abrasions. Yikes! Be careful when wearing them... And if you notice any sensitivity, you may have to give up this habit for good.


Eyelash Curlers 7

Eyelash Curlers

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You might know that your makeup brushes need to be regularly washed, but chances are you're completely forgetting about the eyelash curler that makes you look oh-so-perfect. The same principle remains, though. Get into the routine of wiping your curlers off every time you use them, and wash them with mild soap every once in a while too.