woman lipsticksI'm one of those women who feels naked when not wearing something on my lips. And until recently, it was hard to find the right product to use on hot summer days. Luckily, beauty companies have developed summer-friendly formulations in some delicious lipstick shades. Take a look at our picks. 

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Image via iStock

Neutrogena: Moisture lock color stick 1

Neutrogena: Moisture lock color stick

Image via Alicia Civita                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              &

I'm obssesed with the new shades of the Neutrogena sticks ($8.99): Classic Nude, Almond Nude, Pink Nude, Berry Brown, Pink Grapefruit, Cherry Pink, Classic Red, Wine Berry. This is my go-to stick for daily mom activities and a lot of my blogger events. It lasts hours.


Clarins: Joli Rouge 2

Clarins: Joli Rouge

Image via Clarins

With six hours of coverage, in my case it was around seven, this line of lipsticks from Clarins ($28) is ideal for the long summer nights. I love that the main ingredient is mango oil and while it's not glossy, it shimmers. 


Esteé Lauder: Pure color 3

Esteé Lauder: Pure color

Image via Esteé Lauder


Finally, a product that works as a lipstick and blush. Esteé Lauder's Pure color line,$34, is perfect for those skinny jeans or small purse moments. Besides the practicality, what I like the most is the pretty glow it lends to my lips and cheeks. It's like how we all should look after a day outside. 

Fiona Stiles 4

Fiona Stiles

Image via Ulta

The famous makeup guru to the stars created a brand for Ulta ($16) and I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that some of her products are magical. The lipsticks are perfect for those women who want to wear strong lip colors, without overpowering their face. I interviewed Styles in March 2016 and she explained that her products are for people that want to play with makeup but are not experts.


M.A.C: Bangin' Brilliant 5

M.A.C: Bangin' Brilliant

Image via MAC

The Bangin' Brilliant Collection offers 29 lipstick shades ($17) that have become part of M.A.C's permanent collection. Think about this, a mojito or a margarita, a great summer dress and your lips in one of these amazing colors. The have the high pigmentation and wonderful quality that we love in this brand.


Urban Decay: Vice 6

Urban Decay: Vice

Image via Ulta

Imagine a lipstick that has Aloe vera, jojoba, avocado and babassu oils, plus great colors. If it sounds like the best of both worlds, it is. The Vice lipstick line from Urban Decay ($17) has 100 shades and six finishes and all of them make your lips feel yummy and healthy. 


Bobbi Brown: Beach Nudes 7

Bobbi Brown: Beach Nudes

Image via Bobbi Brown

In the ad, Bobbi Brown says that you don't need a mirror to apply these lipsticks ($27) and guess what? They are right! The design is so good that it's very easy to look great without even looking. They are shimmery without being too out there and the shea butter in them makes them perfect for the beach.

Eva Mendez's Circa (lip butter) 8

Eva Mendez's Circa (lip butter)

Image via Circa

Eva Mendez's line, Circa, has this amazingly soft lipsticks they call lip butter$10 and honestly, it's a very accurate name. They feel really soft and the colors are very pretty.